Replaced screen much dimmer than before

One of my visitors was experiencing a problem with the laptop screen brightness after the screen replacement. Here’s how he fixed the problem.

I just replaced the lcd on my Dell C610 with one I bought from a reputable seller on eBay. Everything went well, but when I fired it up I found the display much dimmer than it was before. Checking part numbers, I came up with my old Hitachi TX36D98VC1CAC and the new part, TX36D98VC1CAE.

Here are some troubleshooting steps I went through:

1. Swapped inverters, but nothing improved.

2. I’ve got the keyboard brightness cranked all the way up. Didn’t help.

3. I’ve got the brightness in the BIOS cranked all the way up. Didn’t help.

4. Updated BIOS to the latest version. Didn’t help.

Finally, reinstalled the video driver and it fixed the problem. The new screen is as bright as before!

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  1. When I went into Device Manager, I found two Display Adapters. I disabled one of the two (the second, figuring it was added last) and now the screen is back to its normal brightness! That’s:

    Start > Control Panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager > Display Adapters

    That’s for Windows XP. Not sure if it’s the same for other versions.

  2. I’m having the same issue, reinstalled the drivers, tried fixing the brightness in BIOS, and I don’t have multiple display adapters listed. Anyone have any other suggestions?

  3. Laptop Freak

    Have you tried to increase the screen brightness with the Fn and Up arrow key?

  4. Recently a friend and I took an old and slow Dell Inspiron 9400 and wiped it clean. We then re-installed windows xp and what we thought were all of the needed drivers. I am on the computer as i am typing. But for some reason when we shut the laptop, and re-open it,the screen decides to remain off. The computer still acts like it is running and all of the power lights on the base are working. Does anyone know of a driver that we might need to fix this problem? I don’t believe anthing is wrong with the physical computer itself. Any suggestions are appreciated.
    Best thing would be to email me any suggestions. Thanks

  5. I have an old Averatec 5400 series laptop and the screen is almost out. I have tried to hook up an external monitor but all I get is the windows start up screen then the monitor goes dark after about ten seconds. Thanks if you can help.

  6. Hi all, new person here. I did a search on LCD screens but can’t find my problem anywhere.

    Here’s the background and problem:

    Vostro 1500 with Chungwha 1280×800 screen that got cracked by my kids. I ordered a replacement screen from a company off that was highly rated. Got the screen and installed it. It is make by Chi Mei. When I powered up the computer I got 8 screens of start up and it was very dim. Once it went past the Windows start up screen everything went black. It would only continue to Windows screen, still showing 8 windows in safe mode. I hooked up the old screen and everything worked fine.

    I contacted the company and they air expressed me another screen, which I received yesterday. Hooked it up and got the exact same problem, which leads me to believe it’s the Dell that doesn’t like it. I will try and attach some photos because I am at a loss.

    Replacement screen 1
    Replacement screen 2

    OEM screen 1
    OEM screen 2

    Thanks for your help in advance.

  7. I had this same problem and performed the above steps and worked for me.

    but one other problem still remains. When I try to increase the screen brightnes using ‘fn + UpArrow’ , it increases the the brightness till 5 key strokes, but the subsequent ‘fn + UpArrow’ diminishes it again … because of this, i cant get to max brightness ever.

  8. Francisco

    I have a similar problem. My screen was turning itself off after a few minutes but there was a faint image on the screen, barely visible. I decided to replace the inverter board and the CCFL backlight. I did confirm the problem as being the inverter though. The old one didn’t work. After replacing both parts, my screen was still blacking out. I decided to clean out all the dirt and dust from the heat sink and put it back in. It seems the screen is now on a few minutes longer but still eventually blacks out after about fifteen minutes. I suspect an overheating problem on the part of the inverter board. How come after replacing both parts and cleaning another I still have the screen turning itself off. How can I fix this problem.

  9. Dilip Sharma

    I hava acer aspire 5745 laptop.

    in my laptop my screen is flip for a second.
    and some time it is log out and the i press power button it show login window.

    plese tell me what are the reason.