Screen is very dim when using battery power

I have Inspiron 9100 notebook. The screen is very dim using battery power. Is this a backlight problem and if so is backlight built into the screen or is there a bulb to replace?

If the notebook screen is very dim only when it runs on the battery power, most likely this is not a hardware related issue. Check your notebook power settings in the control panel. It’s possible that your LCD screen brightness is set to minimum when the notebook runs on the battery power. Usually, you can adjust settings in the control panel, in the power management utility. You can change screen brightness for AC and battery modes separately. On some laptops you can change screen brightness settings in the BIOS setup menu.

Here’s an example of adjusting the LCD screen brightness on a Toshiba laptop. You can do it through Toshiba Power Saver utility in the control panel.
As you see, when the notebook runs on the battery power, you can you can adjust the screen brightness at a few different levels.
When the battery power goes down, the LCD screen gets darker.

Screen brightness

Different notebooks use different power management utilities, but the idea is the same.

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  1. i am getting dim screen with ac and battery when i changed to new lcd. i have to press fn to get brighten each time. is vedio card problem or what.i changed to new inverter also. no use. please help

  2. Hi there. I’ve got a different sort of problem with my Toshiba Equium A60. It’s been working fine for less than a year now but just yesterday when I tried to boot it up the screen was blank.

    I’ve been looking at other websites and they’ve just been telling me the things I already know like turning the brightness up with the Fn key and it could possibly be the alternate monitor key, again with Fn, but none of them seem to work.

    The battery is full and even so when I plug it into the main it still remains black but the power button is lighted up blue and the usb for my wireless mouse lights up as well. Is there anything I can do or is it something wrong with the wiring inside?

  3. Thank you for this! I adjusted the settings in my control panel and now my laptop is just as bright under battery power as it is when it’s running on electricity. It was a very annoying problem – so glad for your help.

  4. Jennifer

    Brandon and Megan,

    I’m also having the same problem with my dell inspiron 1720 laptop. The brightness adjusts perfectly when plugged in, but when running on battery power is dim no matter what I do to the brightness settings. I’ve tried all of the suggestions on here so far to no avail. I called dell tech support but my warranty is expired. The tech said it sounded like a hardware problem (the LCD or video card needed to be replaced) but I was hoping for other insight before I tried anything else. Thanks.

  5. Jennifer

    I need help ._.
    My screen is really dim, I cant see anything, so im sitting here holdng a flashlight haha! anyways

    The screen gets really dim after the desktop appears, It can be good for some seconds and suddenly I need to use my flashlight, The screen is dim with and without the charger in!
    I’ve tried the FN +f7/f8 but nothing happens.

    It’s a Presario v6500 notebook!

    Is there something I can do?

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