Some keyboard keys do not work

I have a problem with the keyboard on my laptop.

The following keys do not work:

note: these keys are diagonally in a row,

I’m not sure if that means it is is problem with the keyboard itself , or the controller.

Any idea ?

I’ve managed to remove and refit the keyboard and he problem persists, so it isn’t just a loose connection.

I’ve seen this problem before. When keys seated diagonally in a row stop working, most likely it is the keyboard related problem.

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  1. chong

    why can’t i type some keys on my keyboard? now i can only type with the on screen keyboard. please tell me how to make my keys work again!and i am sure the are not broken because i can type with them nicely but some keys just wont work!

  2. garnett may

    I cant use my keyboard, says no hardware found although keyboard is plugged in. Can you help?

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