Speakers stopped working after I used my headphones

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My speakers were working fine one moment but then stopped working after i used in my headphones. I still have sound when I use my headphones but when I unplug it, i can not hear anything from my laptop speakers. I went through the troubleshooting on my laptop but I still can not get sound to come out of my laptop speakers. Please help!

I think you have a problem with the headphones jack in your laptop. There are contacts inside the headphones jack, you can see them if you look inside the jack. When you plug the headphones into the jack, the plug shorts these contacts and the sound switches from the external speakers to the headphones. Apparently, these contacts got stuck in the headphones mode and because of that you cannot hear any sound from the external speakers.
I’m not sure if you can fix this problem yourself, probably you’ll have to take your laptop to the repair shop. Try plugging and unplugging your headphones a few times in a row, do it fast, it might help to release contacts inside the jack.

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  1. tHaNk yOu!!! I wiggled a tiny screw driver inside the headphone jack and the sound came on. I appreciate it Laptop Freak!!!!!!

  2. Richard Horst

    Holy cow!! This worked!! Just pull your plug in and out of the jack or wiggle it a bit and my internal laptop speakers started to work again!! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH. You are truly a lifesaver =]

  3. THANK YOU…..I can’t believe this worked…Just did what you said and the sound came back on..Thanks..

  4. When I plug headphones into my Acer Aspire 3680-2626, they don’t work right away. Often I would have to leave them plugged in for several hours before I could hear anything. If I reboot my laptop, I have to start the whole process again. It happens this way for every set of headphones i’ve tried.

    Any idea why this happens?

  5. Worked like a charm for me as well.

  6. I tried this, and my headphones broke and the metal prong is now stuck in my laptop..what should i do? HELP!?

  7. Thanks man! I just found you on google and followed your advice and it worked!! YAYY!

  8. Christy

    OMG I spent 3 hours changing every setting known to man and computer troubleshooting option…finally I got on line…this was the problem…. Mine was the jack beside the headpones…the microphone jack…I put my headphones in the slop moved it around a bit and the speakers started working

  9. Robert

    I have a HP Pavilion Entertainment laptop. Last week I had it attached to my stereo whilst playing music with i tunes. It was attached via the headphone jack. Everything was working fine but since then any time I plug in my headphones into either the headphone port or the aux port the internal speakers do not cut off and I get no sound into my headphones??? Any suggestions??

  10. Daria Sofiyeva

    Thank you! This is very good advice. I has a Dell rep on the phone to resolve the issue for 15 minutes while I came across your site. I told the Dell rep what fixed it and he was unable to understand…

    The way to tell if the problem is with these contacts getting “stuck” is to go to Control Panel – Sounds & Audio Devices – Volume tab – under Speaker Settings, click Advanced and if it shows headphones as the device rather than laptop speakers, this method will fix the problem *hopefully*.

    Keywords for google bot: Dell M1210 xps sound card SigmaTel High Definition Audio CODEC

  11. Hi, I just got a Toshiba A215-S5850. Yesterday I was listening to music on Winamp, then somehow the PC froze, and when I rebooted, it said the audio device was not installed. I went to the Toshiba website and downloaded their audio driver, and it worked. But now, every time I open an audio file (whether on Winamp or WMP):

    – It plays on the speakers but not on my headphones if I plug them, and;
    – If I open the file with my headphones plugged, it plays but when I unplug the headphones it shows an error (An audio device was disconnected or reconfigured on WMP, error code 88780096 on Winamp).

    Sorry if this post is really long, but I’ve battled with it all morning. I’m running Vista by the way, which tells me I should downgrade to XP…?


  12. Thanx a ton laptopfreak ,u r a genius

  13. Guzzly

    Wow you know i didnt think it would work but since im kinda drunk i thought id try it and it worked!! i was amazed!! thank you laptop freak!

  14. Thanks, this should be on the first page of google, not the 4th.

  15. You are the freakiest and If I see you out,I will buy you a drink.

  16. anchit

    thank u very much.
    plugging and unplugging the headphones really worked the instant i did it.
    dell people doesn’t knows anything.

  17. Lachlan W

    Thanks mate!!! Been surfing the web for agis trying to figure this out. This is something I’ll remember forever and be able to try next time this sort of thing pops up. very good bit of info.

  18. Laptop | Laptop Speaker | Repair Laptop Speaker | myreviewworld.com

    […] Uh, I’m not sure if I can fix this problem myself. I am on the way to go to the repair shop suddenly my husband speaks, “It worked, Baby! It worked!” loudly. I am surprised and ask him what he did. He said that he just pull in and out the jack or wriggle it a bit then my laptop’s speaker started to work again. Oh, thanks God…my lovely laptop is fine again now. Thank you laptop freak! […]

  19. Awesome!! Wiggled the jack a bit and good to go! Impressive!

  20. claire

    hi, well i been trying this for 10mins now and no good for me im having the same problem no sound on laptop speakers but plug in head phones and i got a bit sound but not very loud still plz can u help me its driving me crazy thanks

  21. Samir

    Thnx I inserted the headphone jack in and out twice and the speakers came on,,,,:))))))

  22. AHBOY

    My speakers on my Toshiba Qosmio ain’t working after i downloaded bricopack which is to change the theme to vista.What could be the problem?Btw,when i go to control and sound devices,there was no audio devices.Please help me!!!

  23. WOW!….its been days since my laptop can’t emit sound, and now after tryin out the method above, the laptop instantly produced sounds…
    p.s. u gotta try it a few times not 10 times, but maybe 20 – 40 times, in a row, and you gotta be fast…

    wow…thnk man..

  24. Philip

    amazing, been without sound over a week, used some old headphones from a walkman in laptop headphone socket, sound came back with and without headphones, many many thanks,(i have never used headphones to listen to stuff on my 2 yr old fujitsu laptop till now btw)



    The wiggling of the headphones really worked! OHMY~~!!

    I FELT SO THANKFUL NOW!! \\^____^//

  26. I have the same problem as Robert: see above about 16 entries. Playing with iTunes one day, using speakers via amp, and then, ca-blamo: no sound through speakers or headphones. Only on my crappy internal speakers. Boy did I get into a bad mood after that. I can’t live with this terrible sound quality…please help! I’ve tried this wiggling thing that everyone is raving about with no luck. My next option is to go to a laptop technician and I’m flat broke and would love a free alternative. Have you heard of this problem before?? Thanks for your time!

  27. krishnan

    wow! i have been trying to make my laptop speakers active, after seen your remedies ( plugging / unplugging) worked well.thank u sooo much,hats off to you freakey,

  28. revathi

    thank u very much

    i struggled really 4r 4 hrs and this website saved from getting mad

    really it worked superb


  29. Melissa


    I have a Toshiba A105; yesterday there was sound, and today there’s not. I tried the jack thing, but I haven’t had any luck. There’s no sound period–not system sounds, not from CDs, not from iTunes. Nothing. So sad. If I try to take it apart, what might I be looking for?


  30. Laptop Freak

    Try reinstalling the audio driver. You can download it from Toshiba website.

  31. Dell e1505

    I’ve spent the past few hours looking for an answer to this as well. Unfortunately its on page 3 of google. Hopefully people will find it. Problem solved on a Dell Inspiron E1505.

  32. John A. Dixon


    I’ve got a customer’s Sony GR370 laptop and the sound works fine through the headphone jack (with headphones or external speakers), but with the plug removed the sound is there but very faint. He said that it was working and just kept getting softer and softer. Could the speakers BOTH have gone bad or??? I’ve tried the insert/remove the headphone plug “trick” but it didn’t help. Any suggestions?? Is there an additional amplifier somewhere in/on the Mainboard that’s needed to drive the speakers or not? Help??

  33. Awesome, saved me some money laptopfreak!

  34. TommyBrc

    PERFECT… Did work perfect.. I had tried this intuivitly (or how ever you spell that word) but not as hard as required. 🙂 Just move the plug recklessly inside the jack.!!!

  35. Help I have the same problem but without headphones attached my playback device list is empty. I don’t have an option for speakers at all. This began when I upgraded from Vista Business to Vista Ultimate. It’s like the OS doesn’t know that there are internal speakers. Any Ideas?

  36. pattigurl

    Have the same problem with an HP Pavililion DV 2025nr and no luck with all the wiggling. Uninstalled and reinstalled the Conexant drivers. This is annoying. I can hear fine with headphones but not externally.

  37. nikhil patel

    i have got the same problem my laptop speakers doesn’t work once i use my headpones
    i have
    compaq notebook series F739AU with amd processor

  38. Charity

    WOW!!! I was just surfing the web randomly as I have run into this problem several times with two of my computers, one a laptop and the other a desktop. Its amazing the extensive steps other forums told people to go through and so I tried this simple technique before rebooting, restoring my laptop to a former point, checking drives (I don’t know about others but I am not exactly a techy kind of gal) and this worked GREAT for me. You are AMAZING!!!

  39. Simply awesome!! I had the same problem and I started looking into the forums and found this one. Thanks a bunch!!

  40. Tishina

    Dear Laptop-Freak,

    I have got a similiar problem. I bought an Acer Aspire 3680 (XP SP3, 2 GB RAM) about 15 monts ago. Headsets have never worked on this laptop.

    When I plug in headphones into the jack, the internal speakers go mute but I can’t hear anything over the headphones. I have looked around in various forums, saw a lot of users with the same problem ,however, couldn’t find a solution.

    The things I have already done to solve the issue:

    – installed the latest Realtek audio system driver (updated other drivers as well)
    – bought new headphones which don’t work either
    – wiggled the jack about 20 times

    I am really frustrated about this as the Acer website isn’t really helpful.

    Anybody an idea ?

    Tks in advance.

  41. Worked like a charm. So glad I didn’t have to reinstall drivers!

  42. Gabriel

    Thanks a lot, i saw a lot of websites that were only telling me to get new speakers, only tha laptop freak knew what to do, thanks again.

  43. Help!

    I’ve tried pretty much everything on all the websites that mention this issue, and still nothing! My sound works fine when I use my headphones, but when I unplug them I hear a second of sound with my built-in laptop speakers and then NOTHING. I tried to wriggle it, tried pulling it in and out fast about 30 times…but nothing seems to work.

    It says all my drivers are ok and are up to date – any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

  44. Hey,

    I know this has been asked before, but no reply has been posted. I’ve had my HP Dv9000 laptop for a year and a half, and a few weeks ago the power cord stopped working. After using a new cord, I found the internal speakers worked fine but headphones do not produce sound . The internal speakers play when the headphones are inserted. I have used the exact headphones with laptop for a few months, and they work fine with my ipod. I tried several other pairs of headphones,and the wiggling trick with no result. Is a USB audio jack the only option? What model would you recommend?

  45. Hi

    I think I have the same problem here. I have a ACER Aspire 8920G and the sound worked perfectly until today I unplugged the headphones and my speakers went mute. I still can hear sound when the headphones are plugged. I´ve tried the in and out trick with the jack but it didn´t solved the problem

  46. my speakers were working just fine. but my computer froze up completely while i was playing a game. and my headphones were in at the time. and i didnt know what else to do so i pulled out my battery for a few seconds. ever since i put the battery back in the internal speakers in my computer havent worked. but when i put my headphones in it works just fine. and my volume is all the way up on everything.
    (by the way i tried putting the headphones in and out of my computer and it didnt work =[ =[) PLEASE HELP ME!

  47. Worked perfectly… quick wiggle, worked perfectly.

  48. Nice one! What a genius.


    Ah Im so happy this worked!
    I tried everything and got really upset before I found this, little did I know I just had to jiggle around my headphone plug..

  50. My laptop is compal hel 80, and I bought it about a year ago. Since then, I’ve had problems with sound. Whenever I decide to use my headphones, first, I have to switch manually my speakers to headphones, otherwise the sound will not appear at all. The same happens when I decide to do the other way round.

    I don’t understand why I have to switch the sound manually. Is it because of Vista (home premium 32 bit)?? I’m very patient, but there are moments when it becomes very annoying:(

    If there are any mistakes in the language above, my excuse is that I’m not a native speaker of English;)

  51. asiznfire

    I tired the unpluging and pluging the head phone jack a thousand times, and nothing changes. Not only does my sound doesnt come back but its always saying “No Audio Output Device Installed” i am using a toshiba satellite. please help.

  52. Sir,

    After 3 hours of “software” fixes this worked. Its always the stupid stuff that fixes these problems.

  53. Thanks SO much for posting this solution! 😀

  54. I am having a problem with my sound on my laptop computer. the speakers nor the headphones work, and they were just working yesterday. i had restarted my computer and they stopped working all together. i dont know what to do about it…my sound is up and my headphones are new, ive tried multiple pair in the computer but nothing works. HELP!!!!!!!

  55. freakin awesome.. thank you

  56. Thank you so much! I was tweeking out looking for a solution and this fixed it right away! THANK YOU!!

  57. Peter Heard

    yes it worked for me too!!!! cheers!!!!

  58. Hi..

    I have a same problem with Tishina..

    I bought an SONY VGN-SZ433N about 15 monts ago.

    When I plug in headphones into the jack, the internal speakers go mute but I also can’t hear anything over the headphones.

    Anybody an idea ?


  59. Kristjan

    awesome! fixed it for me! Thanks a lot!

  60. hey if anyone has ANYdoubts at all…just give it a try,you’v’e got nothing to loose…cept the guy who broke his headphone jack…but yeah awesome method that actually works.thanx man.owe you one

  61. dell 1720

    I broke my headphone port by sitting on the headphones and tried to take my laptop but headphones where really hard stuck under me and I heard really bad sound… after that my headphone port doesn’t work well. I have to move headphones port little up to hear sound from the speakers. I brought this laptop 2 months ago, is warranty gonna repair this?

  62. It worked me too except not until after I rebooted

  63. Like the rest of you, I was listening to headphones on my Compaq nc6400 laptop while at work. After removing them from the jack, I noticed that the speakers no longer produced sound. I check the hardware profiles and made sure all the device drivers were installed, played with the sound settings, etc… Everything showed up to be workign fine, according to the software. I even reinstalled the drivers just to make sure. Finally, I found your website by googling “speakers broken on laptop.” Your advice was common sense and I was considering fidgeting with the jack with a paper clip before ultimately giving up and calling tech support. I tried plugging and unplugging the headphones several times, and fidgeting with them inthe jack this did not work. Then I tried plugging and unplugging it rapidly, like a fruit-fly making love to his sexy girlfriend fruit fly! This worked, just at the moment my office mate was about to tell me I was a moron. Thanks.

  64. The problem that im experiening is different to the one above.Whenever i would like to isen to music or sound through earphone/headphones, the music still comes out through the speakers and not the headphone. the laptop that i have is a toshiba equium.so i was wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same problem and if antone knows of how to fix it.

  65. Nickomagic

    After taking the advise posted waaaaaay above, I gave it a shot. The support people at HP didn’t help much….. well at all. I looked in the jack and saw a tiny piece of junk in there. Got it out and worked immediately! Thanks for the ideas guys!!!

  66. My speakers were dead all weekend, and the only i got some noise out of them was pushing the headphone jack in. Very frustrating!! After searching on google, found this site, tried out the trick and IT WORKED!!! Thank you so much!!

  67. YOU ARE AMAAAAAAAAAZING!! MY LAPTOP IS JUST NEW N WEN THE SPEACKERS STOPPED WORKING I WAS SOOOOO ANOYED!! NOW THER WORKING!!! THANK YOUUUUU!! ps: yess you should try it several times, i tried it for like 30 times until it worked :D:D:D:D be fast!!

  68. I had this problem and solved it with your response.
    Thanx a lot! 😀

  69. Thanks so much Laptop Freak! I’ve searched and searched the net for a solution to this problem and nobody seems to know the solution. Who knew it would be such a simple fix?!

  70. to jane and robert i had the same problem and no one seems to help with is so heres what i din i went to control panel/sound/and rolled bake the speakers it took a couple min. and i restarted it but it works yay

  71. Thank you so muchhh!!!! At first it didnt work but i tried it again slowly and it worked!

  72. Done well this worked a treat. Took laptop apart first with no joy. Started to give up and found this.

    For me it was the mic port.

    Cheers son!

  73. tahnks……….when i read it i thought it won’t work……..but wooooooola it worked
    thank you very vry much hope d oders who have d same problem will try it

  74. argh! i’ve had the same problem as jane and tiffy and robert with my Acer Aspire 3680. internal speakers work fine, but when i plug in my new external speakers i get NOTHING, for no reason. With my skype headphones it worked after i’d waited ages. Tiffy i don’t understand your solution, when i go into control panel > sound > there’s no roll back option. i disabled my internal speakers and still no luck.

    please help!

    “to jane and robert i had the same problem and no one seems to help with is so heres what i din i went to control panel/sound/and rolled bake the speakers it took a couple min. and i restarted it but it works yay “


  76. absolutly worked.
    you are amazing
    thanks loads
    jessicaa 🙂

  77. Sojourner

    I see several other people who have asked this with no reply, but I have the OPPOSITE problem – my external speakers work but headphones have been working only intermittently for some time and now not at all. Dell Inspiron 1500 series. Windows XP. Used to be I could get the headphone jack to work again by shutting down and turning it back on, sometimes took 2 or 3 times but eventually it would start working again, and it would work as long as I DID NOT unplug the headphones. So I just leave my headphones plugged in all the time, and reboot as necessary, but now it won’t work anymore.

    I had already tried the plugging/unplugging thing, and I’ve tried wiggling the mic jack next to it as well as the headphone jack. I’ve noticed lately that when I plug the headphones into the mic jack I’ll get a burst of sound through the headphones before it decides it’s a “line in” device. It did NOT used to do this, on those occassions when I plugged into the wrong jack I would hear nothing, so that’s a new symptom.

    Any clues, please? Please please please?

  78. Respect, man. simple but genius

  79. barbieegirrlll


  80. Samuel Noble

    Dude I was living with no speakers for so long and it was driving me crazy im coming back to you everytime i have a computer problem

  81. hey,

    i was wondering if you could help me,
    im basically having the opposite problem to the main article, my external speakers work perfectly,
    but when i insert my head phones, the sound continues to come from the external speakers and no sound comes from the head phones. Im having the same problem with over 5 pairs of head phones. Any ideas?
    Im using a compaq laptop.

    Thank you.

  82. Laptop Freak


    im basically having the opposite problem to the main article, my external speakers work perfectly,
    but when i insert my head phones, the sound continues to come from the external speakers and no sound comes from the head phones. Im having the same problem with over 5 pairs of head phones. Any ideas?

    Apparently the headphones jack is broken and will not switch from the external mode when you plug your headphones.
    Most likely it’s necessary to replace the jack.

  83. This really worked u r great wow


  85. Excellent, thanks Laptop Freak, I was having the same problem as in the original question, just tried your advice with a push-pin and it worked like a charm. Thanks again!

  86. Sojourner

    OK, here’s the solution for a bad headphone jack for those who don’t want to open their system up and try to replace or add a soundcard.

    Get a Turtle Beach Audio Advantage Micro. It’s the size of a flash drive and it plugs into a USB 2 port. You can use it with headphones or powered speakers. It doesn’t have a line in or mic input. If you just want to be able to hear again and “wiggling the plug” doesn’t work, this is a $30 plug ‘n play solution. The only problem I had with it was the USB extension cord they sent with it seems to be bad – when I was trying to use it, after a few hours the sound would quit working. Since I plugged directly into the USB port I’ve had no more problems.

  87. why the sound play simultaneously on both laptop’s speaker and the earphone? i plugged my earphone into the jack but sound can still be heard from the internal speaker………..why?? how do fix this? i’ve just changed to xp from vista yesterday…

  88. I went and wiggled a tiny paper clip in the headphones jack as mentioned on the first post (Cherie’s), and the worst happened! the pc just went off and it doesn’t want to turn on
    This wiggling didn’t sound right to me, but after reading some comments of people who have succeeded I said let’s try it….

    The problem I had was that I only get sound when using headphones, no sound from the internal speakers,
    but when I unplug the headphones I could hear the sound from the speakers for like a second or half a second before it stops, so I knew that the speakers were not damaged,
    anyway, Now I believe I have short-circuited something inside, I’ll have send it for repair I guess

    Just wondering if someone had the same problem, if so, I assume you’ve taken it for repair, what went wrong? and how much did it cost you to repair it..lol??


  89. I forgot to add that I’d like to warn laptop users who might think of wiggling any metal in the headphones jack, please think Twice!!!
    You can live without sound, but you won’t make without ur machine, will u?!

  90. oh my god !!! im the happiest man alive 😀 Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. !!!!!!!

  91. help i tried everthing on my acer \aspire 6920 and nothing worked the headphone jack works for head phones but when i take them out the internal speakers dont work. first i pluged my lap top into my amp and then when i took ot out the internal speakers didnt work


  93. thank you , can’t believe i spent weeks trying to figure it out.. thanks

  94. I recently received an hp ze5620 laptop that had a hard drive failure, but the hdd was replaced. i have installed all drivers , but the irda doesn’t work (opened it and it doesn’t appear to have the transceiver on the board!) also, the headphone and microphone plugs dont work, but every thing else on the pcb works i get a buzzing from the headphone plug and it shuts off the internal speakers. Any ideas?

  95. is there a way to shut off the headphone jack on a laptop ?

  96. Laptop Freak


    I recently received an hp ze5620 laptop that had a hard drive failure, but the hdd was replaced. i have installed all drivers , but the irda doesn’t work

    Try reinstalling the operating system, drivers and applications from the recovery disc. Boot the laptop from the recovery disc and reinstall everything back to factory defaults. The recovery process will erase everything on the hard drive so do not forget to back up all personal files before you start.
    That could be just a software related problem.

  97. erm………… I dont have any recover disks. i installed xp i bought for my desktop and never used and downloaded all the drivers from hp’s website

  98. the headphones don’t work under ubuntu (Linux) either,so not a driver problem

  99. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAa this pull out n in jack thing really works LOL… i was crushed thought this vaio was dun for.. yeaaa…. it works

  100. laptop freak, will you please help me? its been 3 days!

  101. One thing, is that, if you’re gonna use random metal or electric conducting tools, do not use it when the PC is powered or it may end up damaged/short cutting it.

  102. Laptop Freak

    I really cannot help you a lot without testing the laptop myself. If it’s not working in Windows or Linix, it must be a hardware related problem. Maybe the sound chip is fried?

  103. Laptop Freak


    One thing, is that, if you’re gonna use random metal or electric conducting tools, do not use it when the PC is powered or it may end up damaged/short cutting it.

    That’s right. Also, I would remove the battery, just in case.

  104. OK, thanks for the help!

  105. Thanks a lot man. good information

  106. omg thank you so much!

  107. Carolina

    Great job! It worked for me too..had the same problem… Thanx!! =)

  108. You are a genius laptop freak – I cannot tell you how happy I am. I completely agree with all the other happy comments – I am myself so happy that I found your post online after struggling so much myself – AGAIN YOU ARE A GENIUS!!!!!!!! THANKS!!!!!

  109. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU…i was getting SO frustrated–speakers worked one day then nothing–the earphone trick of plugging in and out fast worked on the fifth try..i was jumping up and down and so thankful for not spending a fortune to correct this….appreciate the assistance–checked 6 other post and yours was the only working advice!!!!

  110. Awsome dude,Its super cool….
    It worked…
    You cracked it man….
    Thanks a lot

  111. Hi

    A few days ago I plugged my Acer aspire to the TV audio jack to my headphones jack on the computer and since then i cant hear any sound form my laptop speakers what should i do?

  112. maruto

    hey i tried the plug in and out thing on the laptop jack and it didnt work. i did the test thing and i can hear it but when im on youtube or windows media player or something i cant hear the sound. can you help?

  113. Saints69

    I had the same problem last night, my HP Compaq Presario V6700 Laptop has problems with its audio. No sound at all for the built-in speakers and headphones, it also happened after I jacked the audio in the tv, after I unplugged the stereo jack from the laptop, there was no sound at all. I can’t sleep with this kind of problem, I’m broke right now and obviously I can’t afford to go to the technician. I’d like to know how does that wiggling technique works? how fast do I have to do it and how many times did you do it before it worked for you guys..tnx.

  114. Chantal

    Hey – Now I have the same problem; but the sound would come back on the speaker sooner or later.

    Here’s what I figure: I’m using my iPod earphones and maybe I shouldn’t. They work – but I’ve been told that its inlet/port (or whatever you call that piece that you stick in to the device) is longer than regular earphones. I figure this could be a possibility of the problem, if using iPod earphones. It could ruin the contacts.

  115. thnxsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss … u rock man ..
    i plugged the headphones and unplugged it fast .. and everything went fine .. thxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  116. Audio board also known as sound board >> Laptop Parts 101

    […] Try fix the problem using this method. […]

  117. frustrated with no internal spound

    Frustrating. So many well meaning but thoughtless replys crying “thank you” but without referencing which replyb has helped tham and for which problem. Thay all seem to think that they are the only once posting here…

  118. Hi, I seem to get this problem too on my Dell studio 15 laptop running Vista. Wiggling the headphone jack does nothing – I’ve found that if I play around with the jacks in the IDT audio settings, I can get the sound back through the speakers. The problem seems to occur if I use the left hand of the two headphone jacks on the laptop. Anyway, worth trying this before you take anything apart.

  119. Rebecca Lark

    My laptop’s speakers stopped working so I went ont he internet and searnched on how to fix them. Someone told me to fix the audio- something. I right clicked the speaker icon and saw “sounds”. When I clicked on it and turned off the audio decvices for playback, it disappeared. When I tried to get it back, I found out I didn’t know how. Any chance you know what happened and how I can fix my speakers?

  120. Thank you so much!

  121. Laptop freak i really need your help.

    I have spent all morning trying to get my headphones to work on my laptop im completely frustrated so i thought i might ask an expert. They worked yesterday and now i have no idea whats going on. I have Windows Vista Home Premium on my Compaq i went to the sound settings and i did a test on the headphones and i could hear the testing on my right and my left headphone. but those are the only sounds i hear on them. All other sounds like videos regular computer sounds i only hear through the laptop speakers. I dont understand whats going, i dont know what to do anymore. Is there a way to fix this or should i take it to a computer expert to change my headphone jack. I was thinking about doing that but that doesnt make sense when i can hear sounds eventhough they are only the ones that the computer dose a headphone test on.

    Thanks so much for your help

  122. Carlos

    I tried following the Sony Website suggestions and nothing worked until I found your advise. Thank you very much. I follow your instructions and plugged and unplugged the headphone jack several times until the internal speakers worked again.

  123. Vincent Alonzo

    my lap top spekers dont work and nether does my headphone jack

  124. Laptop Freak

    Vincent Alonzo,

    my lap top spekers dont work and nether does my headphone jack

    Could be software related issue. Try reinstalling the audio driver.

  125. bob jesus

    Great Sight !! Love it !!


    Dell Latitude D830 with semi-fresh WinXPSP3 install. Headphones working but no laptop speakers.

    Went to Volume Control and under Volume Control, clicked on Advanced. This opened up, you got it, Advanced Controls for Volume Control and, at the bottom, there’s Other Contols with
    |_| 1 PC Spk Mute

    I unchecked that and voila! the speakers worked.

    I guess that Microsoft can’t afford to fully spell out the word ‘Speaker’…

  126. kevin

    so this definitely worked, i took a bobby pin/paper clip and just swirled it around the headphone jack and it clicked and my sound went back to the internal speakers. touche.

  127. I used my headphones last night on a plane flight and could not hear audio after I removed them. I spent over an hour troubleshooting through the HP website. Then I found this website and did exactly as suggested. My audio now works! Thank you kindly for posting this information!

  128. Aleks Smith

    my laptop speakers sound like there is a scratched up cd in or something, it flutters like every 3 seconds and it’s really annoying. what could be wrong?

  129. beyro

    my internal speakers of my “acer” laptop work but after 1 or 2 minute stops working can anybody help me with this problem thank you

  130. Karine

    Headphones stopped working after unplugged from USB port

    I use a Lenovo that runs on Vista. My USB headphones worked until I unplugged them, because the sound kept cutting off, and when I plugged them back in they did not work. Someone can help?


  131. Jahan Miah

    My internal speakers don’t work, and the sound from my headphones also don’t work. I’ve tried wiggling the headphones in and around the jack about a million times, but still no sound..what do I do?

  132. logicbrain

    i have SATELLITE L10-194 note book.
    i was playing flash games, suddenly sound distoted,
    at that time i tink that it may be game problem, but
    when i closed the game and played a movie, it was shoking,
    the sound i am hearing is only surroundings sound and
    main charactor sound is muted, (like karaoke), i also hear the music, amazing… my brain is getting blown, how is it possible?….

    steps taken>>> sound drivers reinstalled—- result same
    tried morethan two headphones- result same
    finally recovered(withoriginal dvd) —- same

    hint—– some videos & clips having 16bit or 64bit
    audio are playing good sound…
    Request— please help me… Thanks in advance.

  133. Tiffany

    Just earlier, I was plugging in my headphones, in and out, just messing with how it sounded, then this happened. So I tried this and it work, thaat was a life saver!

  134. Kelsey

    Ok so i had some trouble with my laptop not charging so we sent it of to get repaired. But since its been back no sound is working from the speaker but when i plug the headphones in the work fine. I’ve tried everything, checked see if it was muted, tried updating it but it says everthings working fine.
    can anyone help me?
    Email me on Angelbaby_69 AT hotmail.co.uk

  135. I fixed this issue. I right clicked the silver speaker icon and brought up Advanced Controls. In my menu there was a check box under Other Controls that said 1 Digital Output Only. I unchecked it and now my speakers work again.

  136. I can not believe it but this worked for me: #
    kevin Says:
    May 16th, 2009 at 10:59 am

    so this definitely worked, i took a bobby pin/paper clip and just swirled it around the headphone jack and it clicked and my sound went back to the internal speakers. touche.

  137. Uche Ibe

    Thanks so so much for this support site.

    I’ve almost always used my head phones only for a while now. I unplugged it today to play a video clip for a colleague and found the speakers were dead. I tried jenny’s (136) idea. I went to the Sounds and Audio Devices Properties, clicked on Advanced Speaker settings. There I found the Speaker Setup was somehow set to HEADPHONES? How that happened, I do not know. I simply changed it to Desktop stereo speakers… and viola, my speakers are back in action.

  138. Danielle

    hey that worked!!!! I pushed around the plug from the head phones and my speakers are now working !!! yay It’s been for ever since i could play music on my laptop! thank you so much!!!!

  139. THANK YOU SO SO SO SO SO MUCH!!!! This has happened to me TWICE now.. the first time my mom must have fixed it by accident hahaha. Thank you!!! 😀 I now has music and if it happens again, I know what to do. Thank you!

  140. thank you soooo much!!! this really does work…i’ve been trying for days now, restoring my system and everything but nothing seemed to work…This was so simple, i thought that i may have broken something initially and typically my laptop is now three months out of warranty!…but this is a simple problem easily fixed.

    THANKS, D.

  141. Ashley H

    Thanks I had the same problem but I used external speakers. It works fine now ^_^

  142. mac patel

    thank-you laptop freak , after opening uo my laptop, messing out with settings i happened to find your site, plugging in and out the headphones a few times REALLY WORKS , thanks

  143. This is awesome!

  144. You are a legend dude!!!! I was seriously stressed out thinking my internal speakers were fried, but then I googled the problem & found your site… Will defno be here more often. Thanks a lot from Cape Town, South Africa!

  145. my speakers cut out after i had plugged in the power cord.
    i tried the plug/unplug headphones thing but that didn’t work.
    i also tried rebooting but that didnt do anything either. so i closed my laptop and tapped on the end closest to the speakers a couple of times, then reopened. that fixed it.

  146. gilad darmon

    thanks alot !

    this is exactly what happend to me. played with the plug and the sound came back.

    probably saved me some money!

  147. Thank you so much, I didn’t think that would work, but my sound was restored as soon as I plugged and unplugged my headphones fast.

  148. perladelgado

    okay my laptop just wont play music or anything.
    i no the speakers one it say so nd the volumes pretty high and i tryed headphones and nothing so u no wats wrong?

  149. have just successfully restored laptop sound by quickly inserting and removing external jack plug several times on my wifes dell studio 1537 laptop.

  150. Kenny Hahn


  151. This problem was the same for me, the headphone jack solution worked 🙂 Thanks for posting!

  152. boston acustic digital speakers will not work on my dell xps m1730.
    called dell just after i bought the laptop about a year ago and was told to buy something go between speakers and laptop.
    i forgot what it was & called 8 months later and dell cant help me now.
    bose analog speakers work from headset.
    set up output to digital 48khz and still no sound.
    system is several years old but the speakers will self test all 4 channels & sub. can u help me ? ty steve.

  153. Tristan Franco

    Thanks man this worked u saved me l0l

  154. i hear music come out of the speakers but it sounds really bad and i tried to use my headphones but it still sounds bad.

  155. Thank you laptop freak. i unplugged my head phones very vast and in one tug my sound was restored.

    you have my unending gratitude

  156. i have HP F739AU Laptop. my problem is when i connect my headphone with my laptop. both laptop speaker and headphone work. i want to fix this problem as when i will use head phone my laptop speker should not work and when i will not use headphone thn laptop speaker will work. how can i do this amd what is a problem. i am using XP service pack 2

  157. thank you thank you thank you!

  158. I’m having the same problem and have tried the wiggling of the jack thing…any other ways you readers may have found? I even tried it on its side to use gravity…NOTHING!

  159. Taylor white

    Well my problem is that my laptops speakers won’t work but when I put in ear plugs in I can hear sound!! I really need help

  160. Lorraine

    I spent hours trying to troubleshoot why my notebook internal speakers stopped working after I had used external speakers. Couldn’t figure it out. I was so frustrated. Finally – I found this page – and it WORKED! That was exactly the problem – I had to plug & unplug the external speaker jack several times – saw on the screen finally that the notebook detected the device being unplugged and at the same time the speakers would flicker on. Finally after a few more insertions and pull outs, the internal speakers worked. I can’t believe that jack has contacts that are so flimsy. Thanks so much for posting this solution!

  161. WOW. That just worked. You are amazing. Thanks.

  162. My speakers were working fine one moment but then stopped working after i used in my headphones. I still have sound when I use my headphones but when I unplug it, i can not hear anything from my laptop speakers. I went through the troubleshooting on my laptop but I still can not get sound to come out of my laptop speakers. My laptop is DELL INSPIRON 6000 , I tried this solution, but believe me no benefit.So please help me hw to fix the speakers of my laptop which work when i use headphones , but don’t work when i remove the headphones.

  163. i can’t hear any sound from my speaker but still can hear from my earphone…is there anything that i can do to fix it..tq

  164. Nicholas Fay

    I have a HP touchsmart TX2, and it has been great for the last 6 months i have had it. But then, I inserted the audio jack to listen to music through headphones, and the sound quality was bad: all distorted. I then removed them, and the speackers just poped, fairly loudly.
    Since then, my speakers don’t work, but pop each time I unplug my earphones, and the sound quality in my earphones is very distorted. I have tried countless times to quickly remove/insert the earphones, but with no positive results. I have tried with other earphones too and all seem distorted, but work fine on my ipod. Someone please help me!!
    I am running windows 7 home premium.

    Thanks in advance


  165. Please help me everyone, I really don’t know what to do!
    Got an HP netbook for christmas, and started using it last night and the sound was working perfectly. Suddenly today, there’s just no sound at all from the speakers or the headphones. When I plug headphones in, but not all the way, there’s a weird fuzzy sound and I don’t know what it is. I’ve spent hours on the troubleshooting thing, I’ve tried system restore. I tried twizzling the headphone jack thing and that didn’t work either. Please help, I only got my laptop 2 days ago and I don’t know what to do!

  166. well, i can’t believe it. i spent hours going over every setting, reinstalling drivers, etc… inserted and pulled the plug a few times and it worked.

    thanks for the tip.


    This worked for me – wow, eternally grateful too!

    Thank you! :))

  168. Thanks it helped me. I got scared that my motherboard was faulty… and was going to a repair shop but i stumbled upon this link.. and got my internal speakers corrected…

  169. Brittney Hubbard

    I have a Toshiba Satellite A505,and I have been having problems with my internal speakers working for a while then the next day when I wake up and want to play music they don’t work. I have checked everything for sound and still they do not work. Is there something I can do or should I just send it off to Toshiba?

  170. My Logitech speakers stopped working on my Mac after using headphones. The internal speakers of the Mac only worked. I took Jenny’s advice (#136) but because I have a Mac, went to System Preferences, clicked on Sound and discovered that somehow the Logitech speakers had turned off. So I just clicked them and voila! Thanks Jenny!!!

  171. Keith Nurse

    Thank you soooo much. This saved me so much time and money. Thanks to Google also for leading me here 😀

  172. SO I just had this start happening to me this early morning. It happened once when plugging in external speakers. After a reboot it worked. However after rebooting for Vista updates, no matter how many times I plug/unplug headphones, it doesn’t work.

    I got a flashlight and looked into both jacks, the contacts look fine (as far as I can tell), none of them are pushed in as they would be if headphones were plugged in.

    Device manager doesn’t list ANY audio devices. When I plug in my USB headset it works fine (different output device obviously), but no matter what I try, normal speakers and headphones refuse to work.

    At this point, is my only option to have it looked at? I’d do it myself (I replaced the screen myself after a bunkmate on base stepped on it as he was climbing down off the top rack.), but I’m wary of cracking open the main case and messing with the innards.

  173. ok I used my ear phones to listen to something took em out and no sound from my laptop. Just a regular mac so restarted it and still no sound. Plugged it in a few times like it says. Still no sound. There’s a red light coming our of the ear phone port and I can get sound on the ear phones but no sound without the ear phones. HELP ME!!!!!!

  174. mommagift

    my laptop speakers only work when I plug in my headphones and then it can be heard on my headphones and speakers at the same time. How do I fix this problem?

  175. Stoddy Blackall

    THANK YOU Laptop Freak! I just put the headphones in and took them out multiple times and now the internal speakers work again!

  176. Thanks alot. This advice solved my problem 🙂

  177. Danielle

    I was having issues with my speakers after using my headphones and couldnt figure out what happened. My two year old nephew had gotten to my computer and i thought he messed with it. then i read this and was like yeah i have been using my headphones for the first time. so i did the plugin/unplug headphone thing and it worked. Thank god i didnt have blown speakers. This definatly felt like a blonde moment. Thanks for the help!!!!!!!!!

  178. Jodelle

    omg thank you so much! I plugged it in and out and it worked.

  179. Ainsley

    Thank you soooooo much =] took a few attempts but it worked..x

  180. manuel

    wow you are a beast, lol very good advice, I tried the headphone trick and unfortunately it did not work so i took it to the next level and inserted a plastic covered paper clip so it won’t short-circuit and moved it around making sure I was touching the prongs and bingo. it works…

  181. Thank you so much for your help. It was so annoying that my speakers stopped working and it was such a simple thing. I just inserted a jack 3-4 times and it started working! thanks a lot!

  182. It worked for me as well!!!Thank you!!!

  183. lorenz

    omg it worked! thank you sooo much! I’ve been trying to figure this thing out for months!

  184. justin


  185. shane

    I have a windows vista advent laptop and the ring for the audio jack is missing it was fine for a while but now every time i plug in my head phones only a little volume comes out the head phones and the laptop speakers play out loud i have already tried moving about the end or the male jack so please can someone help

  186. David

    fantastic advice

    it worked for me too

    thanks so much

  187. your r a genius ty so vm

  188. Ben B

    your my hero.

  189. Sampath

    AMAZING!!!! To say the least. For the past few months, i’ve tried every bloody trick in the book and all i needed to do was this? Thanks a lot, dude. May the digital Gods bless you. 🙂

  190. Awesome, bro!! I was already looking for new drivers, thinking it was a Win7 incompatibility.
    Great advice, thanks a bunch!

  191. fermin veloz

    awesome your da best 5 star rating :}

  192. Harish

    Thank u so much man
    U just saved me lots of time, money and peace of mind
    god bless

  193. marnix

    Recently I bought a Toshiba L650D laptop and now I can’t hear any sound. The OS (Windows 7) thinks there is music playing, no driver problems, I can see the volume bouncing in Windows Media Player when I play a song. But I can’t hear it, also no succes using headphones, I just hear noise.

    Possible causes
    – Just before it stopped working I had short circuit while plugging in the battery adaptor. When I tried again with a different plug it reloaded the laptop.
    – After the short-circuit I connected the laptop OUT and IN jacks on the same machine (a digital drum).

    Can you help me?

  194. Your suggestion, so simple, yet effective. Thank you for posting the solution to my speaker not working problem on my laptop. You were exact in suggesting the jack contacts were “stuck” in the headphone position, I inserted the headphone plug into the jack on the laptop, wiggled it around a few times, and it instantly, the speakers started working again! Thank you, thank you!

  195. I have problem in toshiba satellite A200-24A laptop using windows 7 Os , when i plugged in headphone suddenly no sound on laptop speakers and headphone too ,i tried lot nothing else happened , please need a solution

  196. Mostafa

    OMG Thank You Very Much, I was Like Freaking Out When It Happened But Thanks To Your Solution About Plugging And Unplugging It Worked And to Those Of You Who The Problem Persisted Don’t Give Up I Probably Had To Do It About like 20 Times Before It Worked

  197. after i plug in my headphones and mic to laptop, adobe flash crashes,everything that has to do with sound stops responding like windows live messenger audio video set up,control panel-hardware and sounds. please help!!

  198. I have a slightly different problem..
    I spilt water over my laptop and then quickly unplugged it and turned it upside down to let the water drain out but the sound stopped playing almost instantly (when water hit or unplugged?)
    Since then the sound only works via headphones although the IDT HD SOUND programme (that launches when i put headphones in mic jack) suggests something is ‘plugged in’ to the headphone jack even when the headphones arent…
    You’re plugging headphones in and out fast trick doesn’t work for me so I was wondering..
    – could the water have permantly damaged the jack or will it eventually dry out (its been about 48 hrs already)?
    – can you replace just the jack?
    – is this something dell would fix as i’m still in warrenty? if i neglected to tell them about the spilt water!

  199. hi, i have a wimdows vista dell laptop, and last night i was listening to music on my laptop fine, turned it off properly and when i have gone on this morning i cant hear anything from my speakers?

  200. sushigirl



  201. HERE IS WHAT WORKED FOR ME: i tried the repeated putting in and removing the headphone cable from the jack a couple of times but only after i sprayed the jack with canned air (to remove any possible dust)…careful not to spray in the chemical…the plugging and unplugging trick worked (after the first try)!! … Thank God for these techie forums!! 🙂

  202. i already repaired a lot of brand of laptop but there’s only one way of fixing this kind of problem, by inserting and removing the headset jack faster..

  203. i have a slightly different problem…..
    I have sony vaio-vgn-nr110e
    drivers and all properly installed…
    my speakers were running fine….
    bt suddenly while playing the movie on speakers it stopped working…..
    still i can hear on my headphone….
    i tried plugging-unplugging 100 times….. bt it didnt work….
    any solution?? plz help

  204. hi, i have a toshiba laptop, but when i play a video on youtube i can play it through headphones, if i then unplug the headphones i dont get sound from my speakers, then if i plug the headphones back in i dont get sound from them either, but if i was to refresh the web page then it works again. any ideas how to fix it? cheers

  205. It Works…Thanx Dude…

    Now I can listen to my Fev. Songs…

  206. GiannisIce

    I have a Dell Studio laptop.
    I had my laptop connected with a TV/Monitor with a VGA cable, and i had the sound coming out from the monitor…
    A friend of mine tripped on the sound cable, and the laptop fell from the chair i had it.
    Nothing happened except from it going in sleep mode. I entered the code, and everything seemed normal.
    Later I unplugged the VGA and the sound cable, and there was no sound coming from the speakers.
    I tried plugging and unplugging the sound cable, but nothing happened. I also tried to restart the Windows Audio Service…
    Can I do anything else? There is no visible damage on the laptop…

    Thanks in advance.

    PS: The sound is allright if i plug headphones.

  207. When i plug my earphones into my laptop i can still hear the sound out loud on the speakers, but i can also hear them on the headphones?why is this? SOMEBODY HELP PLEASE!!!

  208. thanx manuel it really worked 5 star rating

  209. Hey thanks so much. Pulling the headphones in and out really quickly helped 🙂 Maybe shaking my laptop a little helped as well 😉

  210. B.Wilson

    Oh My God!!! I tried everything. Uninstalled drivers and reinstalled then did hours of research. Played around with control panel then found out one of my headphone jacks was “stuck.” I tried this trick of fast play with the headphone cable and it did not work. I do not have any canned air either so I sucked in all the air I could with my mouth over the two ports. After this I tried the fast trick again and it WORKED with in three times. Thank You to everyone on this forum!!!!!!!!!

  211. GREAT!!!! 😀 …. pluging in and out several times worked!!! 😀 😀 …. Thanks a lot !! 🙂

  212. hey i do followed ur advised it works,,but after few sec it happened again..i agn tried plugin n unplugin but no luck dis tym…plz a little advised wil b of gr8 hlp futher..thnx..

  213. PeaceMaker

    what if the headphones jack housing thin metal that does the s.c. (short circuit) is broken and i wanna fix it myself . . any reply ?

  214. Eleonor Carino

    please after i put outlet going to my speaker my laptop speaker not working now and it is very hot

  215. Ely Petrelli

    dude, YOU ABSOLUTELY ROCK! that plugging trick worked!
    I was kinda freaking out, not anymore…….
    thanks man

  216. I was browsing because I had the same problem, and this fixed it. Thanks a ton!

  217. Hey guys, thanks so much for posting with such detail, sisi74 in particular, after trying the push n pull technique, i blew into the headphone jacks n voila! was cruising to coldplay….

    amazing stuff..

    so seriously try the blowing technique to get sound back from speakers after removing headphones!

  218. I had the same problem with my Dell Vostro laptop running Windows 7. I tried the plug & remove technique for a while.. maybe more then 15 times.. Didn’t work.. then I blew air with my mouth into the two headphone jack holes a few times and tried the plug & remove technique again..and it worked after 3 or 4 tries.. Thank you for your help!!

  219. IT WORKED!!

    Thanks so much.

  220. sisitkova

    Yes!!! Blowing in the jack helped! Thanks!

  221. Lisa Linnane

    This is the same problem I was having with 2 out of 3 of my kids’ Nintendo DSI games! I was so frustrated! This trick worked perfectly!!! Thank you!!!

  222. This trick worked perfectly!!! Thank you!!!

  223. Problem with my Dell inspiron is when I start I could hear sound from speakers. Then I put the headphones and I cannot hear anything from Headphones. I remove the Headphone jack and Cant hear anything from Laptop Speakers as well.
    Tried plugging and Unplugging the jack. Blow Air. Nothing works.

  224. Maggie Taylor

    I have tried everything nothing works now I have no sound the computer will not recognize my logitech speakers, I bought out of frustration, so I could hear something, it is under warranty and I am going to send it it in, if I had my way i would get a refund and buy a MAC ! This piece of rubbish has never worked properly and is the biggest waste of money, time and soft ware, if anyone is thinking of buying a HP Pavilion Entertainment PC Laptop DON’T !!!!!!!!!!!

  225. senator

    Hi all,

    Let me just say that I really understand the frustration felt by anyone whose lost the ability to hear sound from their speaker after disconnecting their headphones.

    I tried everything today and short of throwing the d#$n thing at the wall… something happened. I was fumbling around the jack area and i began to hear crackling and static.

    With the problem resolved, I’d like to advise the following.

    The problem is not software/driver at all. It is totally hardware. Please do not muck around with your drivers and deactivate stuff and rebuild ur machine…

    The problem is hardware manufacturing these days has streamlined production of headphone/speaker/microphone jacks to be one in the same. In doing so, there is minor short circuiting going on resulting in this problem.

    To resolve you can blow into the jack’s openings or plug/unplug the jack in and out really fast. While these worked for some according to all the comments before me, I got my speakers working only when i moved the slot that looks like the PCM-CIA inlet. U might recall that before the advent of USB, there was PCMCIA slots on the sides of some laptops… modern chassis still have a PCM CIA slot but usually have a plastic covering… jiggle that a little and it is enuf to cause the short-circuiting to deactivate and u’ve got ur speakers again.

    I have a 6 month old…
    HP Probook 6555b
    Win 7 enterprise

    Good luck to you if ur struggling still but that’d be my best advice I can give at this time.

  226. Lucky Bui

    I just had the same problem, I was so scared too. My PC has been breaking down getting worst every month and now this, lol. I just pulled the headphone plug in and out several times really fast and now it worked. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! I really appreciate this help topic!

  227. B.Bertrand

    I had the same problem. Ironically, the problem manifested 1 week after my warranty expired. Of course HP was extremely helpful (dripping with sarcasm). When they offered to sell me help for $39, I blew a small gasket. I told the guy this situation smells like something they settled a class action suit over (end-of-lifed code embedded in printers, causing owners to replace them-in the hopes they would be replaced with HP printers). The guy apologized for the inconvenience, and after I told him that somebody would be sorry, that I would share the information with my attorney, and that I’d make sure millions of people heard my voice, he was happy to help. Of course, his solution was to reinstall the audio drivers (which made no sense since playback hadn’t completely failed).
    I read many forums, many suggesting that the headphones be quickly plugged in and removed several times. This didn’t work for me, but the concept made sense. I took a can of compressed air and shot a tiny amount into the headphones jack. The result was immediate: glorious sound from my speakers!

  228. The plugging in and out really fast worked like a charm!!! You deserve a reward!!!! Senator You ROCK HARD!!!!

  229. My laptop is MSI U200. It is only 1 month old so I was very frustrated when the speaker didn’t work after I unplugged the headphone.

    After reading someone’s post saying that he fixed it using the air spray, I tried blowing the plug in with my mouth and it worked!!!!

    I blew the air in as hard as I can and the speaker suddenly turned on.

    Too bad I read this after I purchased a USB speaker from ebay.

  230. I have a sony VAIO, i plugged in my headphones (Iphone kind) and then unplugged it and now my speakers don’t work. I tired unplugging and plugging them back fast; it didn’t work. I also tried blowing into the ports; that didn’t work. I don’t have a can of air spray. What are my choices now?
    Thanks in advance.

  231. Skype on Windows 7 stops sound from working

    Alright this is something that has become pretty frustrating. I’ve had Skype for awhile now and so this was not an immediate problem. Basically, Skype sounds are the only sounds that my computer allows through, HOWEVER, whenever a Skype sound is happening all other sounds are allowed to come through for that specific period of time. Let me give an example:

    I always have my music playing so that I will know when my sound is or isn’t working. When I sign in or out of Skype there is that whoosh noise (or whatever you want to call it) and I can then hear my music for another few seconds and then it cuts out.

    Whenever someone messages me while Skype is minimized there is that tiny beep noise. My music plays for a few seconds and then cuts out. During calls my sound plays the whole time in the background because a Skype sound is coming through.

    I’m running Windows 7. Oh and my headphones work when I plug them in, and my computer recognizes my speakers/headphones as the same device…so I’m not sure how this is happening.

    The problem still occurs even when Skype is completely closed (not just minimized). I have even restarted my computer and the welcoming sound does not play when I log in. Well, it plays but I just can’t hear it. The computer is recognizing that the music is always playing because the green bar next to my speaker device is going up and down, but I just can’t hear it. (Unless Skype is making some sort of sound of course)

    Please help if you can! Again, I have Windows 7 and my sound device is “Speakers/Headphone – IDT High Definition Audio CODEC”. The music plays out of my headphones when I plug them in but right when I take them out the speakers do not play anything. That’s about all the details I can give you, ask if you need anything more.

  232. Blowing in the audio port helped after 10 times. For only 10 seconds…. aaargh!!!

  233. You rock! i blew up the headphone port and it works like magic! thanks for this forum!

  234. Superb! It worked. Like some others here I had to plug and unplug it for about 10 times. Blow into the headphone jack and plug\unplug about 4 times and voila! It worked!

  235. nice dude it work for me thank you so much

  236. my problem is a bit different…when i have headphones or soround system plugged sounds works perfectly…when i unplug it and leave the laptop speakers…it works for 1-2 minutes then it goes away…it interupts…after if i plug in and plug out it works for seconds then not working again…i tried everything but didnt worked…also…ive been having these kind of problems after i installed skype on laptop…also…same time it seems like it overheats and cooler works much much more intense than it used…it used to be smooth now its like a chainsaw… i got an hp pavilion dv6 1149wm entertainment…@ 9 months old

  237. Casey Jones

    Oh my god, you sir are the man! Words cannot express how amazing you just made my day… Its my brothers new laptop and I was playing a game on it, I decided to plug some headphones to play at night, all of a sudden it stopped playing through the headphones and played out of the speakers… then a couple times re-plugging it and the sound only came out of the speakers with the headphones plugged in.

    I did the trouble shooting, spent several hours looking up answers, messing with the devices, disabling them then re-enabling them, trying everything. I thought the re-plugging fast thing would work since from the answers it was a problem with the laptop registering the headphones as still in. Then I started blowing in the headphone jack over and over… to no avail. I noticed air coming out of the USB port next to it and tried that. IT FREAKIN WORKED!!! Even as i’m typing this it went out, blew in it again and it works again!! It keeps doing it but now I know I just need a can of air spray for this freakin thing!!

    The simplest thing as blowing into the computer makes it work… this info needs to get to other people since there’s a LOT of people with the same problem…

    Thank you guys sooooo much!!!

  238. kevin

    Easy. I had the same problem. Here was my fix. While main volume control was at 100%, clicking on the little speaker button in my bottom tray then clicking on “Mixer” revealed I had the volume all the way down in one or more areas, specifically for Internet Explorer. I played a YouTube vid while adjusting this back up and low and behold, there was my missing sound! Try that!

  239. Nancy

    (239)Kevin!!! I could kiss you!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!
    Two days of trying to get my sound back and it was just the mixer!!!!! SMOOOOOOCH!

  240. aamir ali awan

    i have sony vaio…it works but i had plug and unplug headphone for about 100 times…

  241. خالد