Common LCD related issue on ThinkPad T30

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I have 3 IBM ThinkPad T30 notebooks; they all have a common LCD related issue. Their LCD backlight is flashing in a random manner. It doesn’t turn itself off, just gets a little bit dimmer. It’s barely visible when something is moving on the screen (like movies and games), but its very annoying viewing the desktop. First I thought that it’s
synchronized with HDD activity, but it turned out, that it isn’t. I disassembled all of them (removing the motherboard too) and put them back together (there were no noticeable damages), but the symptom stayed. I figure it has something to do either with the backlight bulb, or the inverter, or a general power problem.

Any suggestions or help is much appreciated.

When I have to fix a laptop backlight problem, I always start with reseating connectors on the FL inverter board and then replacing the inverter with a test one. Very often just reseating itself helps a lot.
Try to reseat connectors on the inverter board. You can use ProGold connector enhancer to improve connector conductivity. IBM ThinkPad T30 service manual has instructions for taking apart LCD screen assembly. If it doesn’t help, I would check what version of BIOS you have installed and search on IBM website for the latest version (actually I would try it before opening up the laptop display assembly). It’s possible that newer BIOS version has a fix for the backlight problem. If it still doesn’t help, I would try replacing the inverter board. You have good chances that it will fix the backlight problem. Fortunately, new inverters for IBM ThinkPad T30 notebooks are cheap.
BTW, I assume that you have tried reinstalling the video driver already. Just in case.

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  1. I have a T40 that has a cracked LCD in the corner. The LCD and back light still work well where not cracked. I bought a brand new sealed IBM replacement on e-bay. I installed it easily. When booting I noticed the image appears but the backlight is off. I pulled it apart and checked conections several times. I even checked the backlight wire coming directly out of the LCD to the conector resulting in no connection problems. I reinstalled the old cracked LCD and it worked with the backlight also working, therefore the inverter is fine. I have a hard time believing a new sealed LCD would have the backlight broken! The LCD manufacturers are different but both part numbers show up on IBM’s web sight as replacements for my model and both use the same inverter part number. Would the drivers be different? If so how do I completely remove monetor drivers? and/or do I have to remove display drivers also?


  2. Laptop Freak

    I think your new LCD screen has a bad backlight. 🙁 The video card driver and monitor driver wouldn’t cause this problem. You should get the backlight before any driver got loaded, it’s not a software problem.

  3. I have a Dell Inspiron 1100 and was poised to purchase a new LCD panel until I came across this site. Very helpful. My screen goes dark with only a “ghost” image barely visible. I think it’s a problem with the backlight. I can replace the inverter board with no problem but I’ve heard mention (in other sites) of replacing the bulb. Is this a reference to replacing the board or can one really replace just the bulb. If so, how?

  4. Laptop Freak

    Take a look at this generic notebook display assembly diagram. It will help you to understand what parts you have inside the laptop display.
    If the screen on your laptop goes dark but you still can see a barely visible image on it then most likely your problem is related to a failed FL inverter board or a failed backlight bulb. The inverter board provides power for the backlight bulb and the backlight bulb lights up. If the inverter is bad, the bulb will not light up. FL inverter failures are more common then backlight bulb failures and in your case I would go with the inverter board first. It’s not expensive and relatively easy to replace. Before you buy and replace the inverter board, try reseating inverter connectors first.
    The backlight replacement is much more complicated because the bulb is a part of the screen and it’s very fragile.
    The backlight problem also could be related to a bunch of other things, like a stuck lid close switch, bad video cable, bad connector or even a failed motherboard, etc…, but it’s not very common. Go with reseating cables and replacing the FL inverter board first.

  5. Hi Mr Laptop Freak,

    This is the closest post I can find, but my problem is different. So here it goes:

    I dropped my Toshiba Satellite M30 this morning while it was turned off. The only exterior physical damage I observed was at the right corner of the laptop (where the AC power plug is) which showed strained plastic marks. When I turned on my laptop, everything ran fine EXCEPT for the LCD screen. The colours are all inverted …

    I published this comment as  the following post:  I dropped my Toshiba Satellite M30 notebook. Everything works fine except for the LCD screen.

  6. Hello Laptopfreak,

    I have a Phillips X53 laptop, 2 months old. It got hit yesterday on the screen/case by a blunt object. First the display was black and after rebooting XP it showed some signs of life again. The screen was first really bright, had a 2inch yellow-ish circle at the bottom where It had been hit. As I applied a bit of pressure on the case with my thumbs the screen suddenly turned normal, like it used to be.

    From that point on it stayed like this for a while until I flapped the screen down as I turned off the laptop and went to bed. This morning when I flapped it open, it was a bit bright again and applying pressure with both thumbs on THE CASE (just below the taskbar), the screen turns back to normal.

    I opened up the screen and saw there was a dent on the metal frame that was surrounding the LCD screen. The dent pushed inside, lifting the screen up a few millimeter. I was able to flatten out the dent so the screen went down again. This seemed to fix it at first but now I see the problem is coming back after flapping the screen up and down a few times. What I noticed is that, when I put put pressure on the case and it went back to normal, the same effect it had when the screen was normal and I applied pressure, it simply went really bright again. It is as if I put the Gamma/Brightness up and down just by pressing on the case. But since flattening out the dent, I’m not able so easily to make the screen go bright by pressing the case, but the other way still works (if its too bright, pressing it will make it go normal again). So it seemed like it helped by fixing the metal frame.

    Now I was wondering what could be another reason that this screen still goes too bright at times (when flapping up or down the screen)?

  7. Laptop Freak

    I’ve never seen a problem like this before. I have some thoughts but it would be only a guess.
    The LCD screen lights up because the backlight bulb gets power from the FL inverter board. In most laptops the FL inverter board is located under the LCD screen (under the task bar). You said that screen turns normal when you apply pressure on the case just below the taskbar. It’s not very clear. Do you apply pressure on the screen case or on the laptop case? If you press on the laptop screen, isn’t it a spot where the FL inverter is located? I think may be the inverter has been damaged and outputs wrong voltage, but it works fine intermittently when you press on it?
    You can open up the display assembly again and check if you get normal video by applying some pressure directly to the inverter board. If you see any relationship between the video and the inverter board, probably you can fix it by replacing the inverter. It’s just a guess, but something to try.

  8. Hello Laptopfreak,
    I have a IBM ThinkPad T30. I dropped my laptop, and all i have now is a blank screen… You can see the light on it so if i adjust the brightness it can go brighter or dimmer, but no picture on it. It’s just total black. Right now the only way for it to work is if i plug in another monitor into. Is there any way to fix the LCD screen on the laptop?

  9. Laptop Freak

    First of all I would check if the video cable is seated properly on both ends. One side connects to the system board and the connector is located under the keyboard. The second side connects to the back of the LCD screen. If you decide to check the cable yourself read through the hardware maintenance manual first, it has instructions for disassembly.
    If you reseated the video cable but still have the same video issue, then most likely the LCD itself has been damaged and must be replaced (very expensive).

  10. hello laptopfreak,

    thanks for the reply!

    I had opened up the screen this morning once again and just pressed the video cable on its connector, also made sure the dent was totally gone. Also pressed down the screen slightly, so far, I must say the screen stayed normal. I flapped it up and down the whole day long like a maniac, applied pressure on it etc.. and not one single time it went bright. Also what I noticed yesterday night, I heard a weak buzzing from the screen, sounding like electricity in the open. That noise has also disappeared since this morning. I wonder if the screen will stay like this now and I would be more then happy to have fixed it myself, rather then spending a lot of repairs. On Friday, my laptop will be collected by some tech guys who work for the shop were I had bought the laptop from, since its only 2 months old. I just hope I have fixed it now as I believe they will return it to me un-repaired anyways, since they probably can tell that it had been hit/dropped and this isnt covered by the warranty.

    If the problem resists, I will follow your advice about the FL Inverter.

    Thanks again,


  11. hello,
    I have a dell CPx today when i just plugged in my power adaptor to the monitor a green vertical line appeared on the lcd screen .if after switching off the adaptor and repeated rebooting the green line wont go fron the screen . pls help. thank you.

  12. Hello,

    Thanks for your great website, it is a treasure trove of information. I seem to have a rather odd problem. I have a IBM Thinkpad T40p bought 2 years ago. Recently it has started showing some problems. Whenever the laptop is started and I move it the LCD goes blank. It happens even when I have connected an external monitor. The only way for me to recover is to restart the laptop. Now this is happening with the slightest movements. Your help is much appreciated.

  13. Laptop Freak

    I would check if the memory modules are seated properly and reseat them just in case. Try moving the memory from one slot from another, just in case you have a faulty RAM slot on the motherboard. One memory slot is located on the bottom of the laptop and you can access it if you remove the cover (in might be empty). The second memory slot is located under the keyboard. Check out the hardware maintenance manual for help with disassembly. Check all cables under the keyboard, make sure they all seated properly. If reseating the memory modules and cables will not help, then I would suspect a motherboard failure. Not sure though. It’s hard to troubleshoot these kinds of failures over the Internet.

  14. Thank you for your response. I will post back based after trying these. I am worried that this may be a case of Motherboard failure because the laptop AC adapater had failed in the previous month and the laptop went from power to battery every 2 mins and I think that might have damaged the motherboard.

    Thank you again.

  15. I have T41p Thinkpad with odd LCD behavior similar to above, but a different twist. The screen goes black after a few second when using battery (windows is faintly visible on black screen if you look real hard). If I hit Fn+F3 to shut off display and then Fn to turn it back on, it will show lightup normally for a few seconds then goes black again. This will not happen when on AC power if I dim the LCD a little. If I am on AC and turn the AC brightness up all the way I get the exact same behavior as on the battery — the screen goes blank….. All drivers and BIOS are current and updated. No hardware has ever been changed or added to the factory configuration. Thanks!

  16. Hey! So recently, i dropped my laptop and the lcd screen is cracked with black ink spots all over the screen. I need to get it either replaced, or repaired (if it can be). I’m very confused on the price that this will cost b/c IBM tech support told me it is $895 to get a new LCD, however, websites such as and says that a Thinkpad T60 14.1 inch screen is only around $300-$400 brand new. Which one is true??

  17. Update on Thinkpad T41p screen problem from early post (no. 15): the screen is now going dark frequently when connected to the AC source too. Shutting the display off and on helps for a short time but I must keep the display brightness turned down completely. Lastly, an external monitor works just fine and is unaffected by this problem.

  18. Laptop Freak

    Sounds like a bad FL inverter board. I would try replacing the inverter board first, it’s not very difficult and it’s cheap. You can find a new inverter board for $10-15 on ebay.

  19. Laptop Freak

    The price might vary and from my point of view cheaper-better. 😛 If you can find the same screen for $300-400 instead of $900, go for it. You might also check out these guys, I bought 2-3 screens from them and didn’t have any problem. Just make sure to contact a seller before you order a new screen and confirm that’s the right one.

  20. Havranek

    I have a bit other problem than described here.
    My IBM T20 has flickering screen too (backlight turning on and off), but ONLY when I move the lid. It never turns off by itself, although it was getting worse lately (smaller movements needed for backlight to go off) and I noticed that sometime, but rarely, it gets a little bit dimmer for a second or so.
    I wonder if it’s just inverter? Maybe it’s video cable or some connections are faulty?

  21. Laptop Freak

    First of all I would try reseating the cables connected to the inverter board, I think they might be loose.

  22. Havranek

    I reseated the cables and applied contact spray at connectors, it helped a little but the problem’s still there. Also I noticed that when the lid is straight up (90 degrees angle) moving it further back won’t turn off the backlight, it only gets a little dimmer and brighter. It’s only moving it towards me (like I want to close it) that turns backlight off. I made a little image to show what I mean:
    I can turn backlight on by tapping the little button that indicates that lid is closed, but not always. Sometimes I have to move the lid first. Maybe the cables going to inverter are damaged?

  23. Laptop Freak

    In the comment 20 you said that the screen flickers ONLY when you move the lid and never turns off by itself. When you move the lid, you flex the cable and it’s possible that you have a faulty video cable. I would try replacing the video cable before anything else. The cable is not very expensive and you can find it on ebay for about $20-25.

  24. Katherine

    Hi, laptopfreak,

    Thank you very much for the information.

    I have a T30 and the LCD went dark. I replaced the inverter card. However, sometimes the inverter card got very hot and I have to stop it. I checked the new inverter card, it is the “P/N 26P8410 FRU 26P8412” (my T30 is 2366-81H.) I found that the old one marked as “P/N 26P8408 FRU 26P8419”. I do not know what all of those means. I wonder if that cause the burning problem?
    Thank you again.

  25. I had the same problem on my IBM T20.

    No pink screen, but the screen would get very very dim and then come back on if I did FN-F7 a couple of times. Very frustrating.

    I had never opened a laptop up before and was a little intimidated at the thought. But I found the T20 manual and it was actually very easy for open up following the directions.

    I found that the inverter card was fine, just the connections had come loose. I plugged them back in more tightly, closed it up and everything is fine.

    Whole thing took not more than 2 hours.

  26. Laptop Freak

    FRU is short for field replaceable unit. When you are looking for a spare part for an IBM laptop, you should search by the FRU number, not P/N. I’m not sure if the inverter board with FRU 26P8412 is interchangeable with FRU 26P8419. I would definitely go with the original FRU number. You can find a new inverter on ebay if you search by the FRU number. Maybe your new inverter is not a right one for your screen and that’s why it’s getting hot?

  27. Katherine

    Hi, Laptop Freak,
    Thank you very much for your help and your guidance.

  28. Hi, I have an IBM thinkpad A31p. I bought this March 2003. It is not under warranty anymore. My LCD is unreadable. It has small horizontal lines/rectangles all over. I experienced this 2 Sundays ago. I re-booted my laptap and i tried using an external monitor and the external monitor worked perfectly. Surprisingly, the laptop LCD worked properly as well. SO, i started using my laptop but the problem resurfaced again. Then, i decided to shut it down. The next day, I booted my laptop and the LCD screen worked fine. Its been week and my laptop LCD worked fine. However, yesterday, 15 January 2007, i encountered the same problem. I decided to shut it down and reboot. Then my screen worked fine. However, today, the problem occurred again, What are the possible problem. I hope its not the LCD screen.

    Another thing, how do i know if its a backlight problem. What would happen to my LCD if the backlight is the problem?

    I read through various posts here and i surmised that there are three possible problems: 1)Loose cable, 2) inverter, 3)video card and 4)LCD.

    I’ve eliminated the video card problem since my laptop works well with an external monitor. What do you think is the problem?

    By the way, i tried moving the LCD back and forth but no change.

    I hope you can help m e identify the problem.


  29. Laptop Freak

    It could be a loose video cable. Lift up the keyboard and reseat the video cable. Test the laptop again.

    Another thing, how do I know if it’s a backlight problem. What would happen to my LCD if the backlight is the problem?

    When you have a problem with the backlight, the screen will not light up. The image on the screen will be very very dark and usually you can see it only if you look very closely.

  30. I have a IBM T40 laptop that has worked fine for a long time until recently. Now the video screen goes black and its not the screen saver time out. I connected an external monitor and the external monitor displays everything just fine when the laptop screen goes blank. When I take a toothpick and quickly stick it in the little “closed laptop” peg hole, both screens flicker and video returns to both screens. The laptop screen however goes black again a few minutes later. Why is this happening? over heating? is the fix expensive?

  31. Laptop Freak

    I think you have a bad LCD inverter. The inverter board supplies high voltage power for the backlight lamp and if inverter goes bad or has some kind of intermittent problem the LCD screen will not light up. You still should be able to see a very dim image on the screen when it’s dark.
    The screen inverter is located inside the display assembly below the LCD screen. It’s necessary to remove the LCD mask from the display in order to replace the inverter board. When the mask is removed, you just unplug two cables from the inverter and replace it with a new one. Most likely it’ll fix your problem.

  32. I have an IBM Thinkpad T40. I was adjusting the screen on my laptop last night when the gray plastic (or whatever material it is) connecting the left hinge on my screen to my keyboard cracked and snapped. I am not sure if there is anything still connecting the hinge to the keyboard or not. Everything else seems to be working fine still. I can still see on the monitor and right now the screen seems to be staying up reasonable well. I know I need to get this fixed, but I can’t over the next few days. Also, I know should probably just prop the laptop up in one place, but I like to move it around my apartment with me.

    My question is: What risk is there that by moving the laptop around I might cause the screen to go black (lose connection with the rest of the computer)? Is the connection with one hinge (the right one) enough?

    Thank you for your help!

  33. I bought an IBM T30 off eBay. Of course, he didn’t mention it needed a password to boot. Do you know of a way to recover or remove it? He claims the hard drive was formatted. It’s not an OS password. I can’t even access the BIOS or the boot menu.

  34. I have an IBM T30 with very similar symptoms, everything else works but the LCD won’t come on. At boot, the control LEDs light up, the fan and harddisk start spinning, but after a few seconds it powers down. I then need to disconnect power (either mains or battery) for a few seconds, reconnect power, and the same happens again and again.
    I have already replaced LCD-cable, inverter and LCD-screen.
    The whole laptop has been fully dis-assembled. I inspected the mobo with a magnifying glass to look for loose bits, hairline cracks, bulging condensers, fallen off pieces etc. Nothing.

    With an external monitor it works absolutely perfect, regardless of whether the LCD-cable is connected to the motherboard or not. IBMs PC-Doctor diagnostics does not find any errors at all. Checked/swapped memory sticks (2×256). The battery is being charged etc.

    The fact that I have to remove the power to be able to even try and reboot, leads me to believe that something in the power circuit to/from the LCD is broken, capacitors blown, or even the BIOS gone. I flashed the BIOS successfully to the latest version. With external monitor = perfect, with LCD, no go.

    Any insight/tips/help appreciated

  35. Laptop Freak

    I think you can move the laptop around your apartment, just do not close the lid. There are the screen cable and wireless antennas located close to the left hinge and if you are not careful, you can damage them. You’ll have to replace the hinge.

  36. Laptop Freak

    I think it’s the BIOS password. I found this article on the Internet. They provide instructions for working around the BIOS password on the following IBM notebooks.

    Other models this ought to work with are:
    • 240, 240x
    • 390E, 390x
    • 570, 570E
    • 600e, 600X
    • 770Z
    • A20m, A21e, A21m, a22m, A30p, A31, A31p
    • G40, G41
    • R30, R31, R32, R40, R50, R51
    • Transnote, T20, T21, T22, T30, T40, T40p, T41, T42, T42p
    • X20, X21, X22, X23, X24, X30, X31, X40, X41

    I haven’t tried it myself and not sure if it’s going to work.

  37. Hello!

    I’m having trouble getting an external moniter to work on my T40. The moniter is a Daewoo 15″ from 1996. Is it just too old to work with this laptop? It appears to notice when the extend desktop to cover two monites feature is enabled, for the light on the external moniter will switch from red to green.. also, my mouse will then go off the page, as though it were going towards the second moniter.

    Makes me think that maybe there is a problem with the moniter and not my laptop? Any ideas for furthur troubleshooting. Maybe I don’t have a video card or adaptor or something, and then the screen would show up on the second moniter?!

  38. Laptop Freak

    Maybe the external monitor cannot handle the screen resolution. I’m not sure, it’s just a guess. Try changing the laptop screen resolution to minimum settings, make it 800 by 600 pixels and test again. Does it make any difference?

  39. Hello,
    I have a T23 with the same LCD problem, no brigth. I have replaced the inverter board and it will work for a few seconds and then goes again black, I can make it work using FnF7, but the bright is not even in the whole screen. Any suggestions? do I have to replace the whole LCD screen?


  40. hi, after reading your guide i have come up with the conclusion that my t30 inverter board had gone (same syptons as listed) so i have taken mine apart and managed to get the screen back for the whole of 4 seconds. so now it must be down to connecters. just incase it aint just the conectors could you please tell me where i can get a new inverter board from?


  41. Laptop Freak

    Remove the LCD mask so you can access the inverter board. Find FRU number on the inverter board and search by this number.

  42. I don’t want to jeopardize the good work that laptopfreak does, but I found an excellent forum for exclusively IBM Thinkpads:
    Everybody that has a Thinkpad, should also download the Hardware Maintenance Manual from the IBM/Lenovo website.
    There is one available (free) for every different Type, with loads of instructions on how to take it apart, and very importantly: all the IBM part numbers.

  43. The problem is with your Power Supply. When battery is 100% charged, your LCD will be OK, but if your battery is not full and you have weak power supply, it will have “blinking” problem. I have original IBM T40 power supply with my T30 and LCD is blinking. But if I use no original, much stronger source, everything is OK. So be sure, you are using the right power adapter with your T30

  44. Glenn B

    I have a Thinkpad T41p that has exectly the symptoms you have described for a faulty inverter. At start up the screen comes on bright and clear. After a couple of minutes the screen goes black but you can still see the image is there. Go to suspend and then wake up and it comes back bright for a minute or two and then goes dark again. An external monitor works fine (Samsung Syncmaster152b). I have ordered a new inverter from IBM today and it will be here in a week or so (all up with handling and postage AUD$57.70). The original part number “was” FRU 26P8464 but IBM Australia say that has been superceded with FRU 27K9972.

    I’ll drop back with the outcome. Curiously I have the same problem with a Gateway Solo 9100 and if this works I’ll try a new inverter and boot that up again.


  45. I got an IBM Thinkpad R31 for Christmas. When I turn it on I can hear the sound of the IBM screen but I get no picture. If I look close I cam make out a very faillogo if I have enough light and tilt the screen just right. Any ideas on how to help. Thanks for any advice

  46. Hi Mr Laptop Freak,
    I have a T21 laptop of IBM. My screen is bad, for example: when I change the angle opening, sometimes it’s OK, sometimes it’s black. What happen? How can I repair it.

  47. Hi, I hope you can help – I have a Thinkpad T30 and it will not boot. When I press the power button all I get is beeps in a 1-3-3-1 sequence. This is the same whether it’s on battery or mains power.

  48. Laptop Freak

    Check out the hardware maintenance manual for a ThinkPad T30 on the page 54.
    One short beep, pause, three short beeps, pause, three more short beeps, and one short beep – it’s either memory or motherboard problem.

  49. Tina, your problem sounds like the “T30 dreaded memory slot failure” inherent to the T30 design. Every T30 manufactured evidently has this problem. I have a T30 and I’ve replaced the motherboard 4 times due to this flaw. Remove the memory nearest the front of the laptop and attempt to reboot with only the rearward slot filled. If you only have one memory stick and it’s in the front slot, move it to the rearward slot.

  50. Lexicon740il

    Laptop Freak,

    I am experiencing the same symptoms on Thinkpad T42.

    Turn on Laptop and it works fine until just after Windows boots and then it cuts out… But I do See the icons its just not lit…

    I removed the bezel per you link.
    And reseated the Inverter board.

    Well its weird… The screen stays on fine on battery power. But when its plugged into the AC adapter then it blacks out when windows is done loading.

    Whats the deal? Does my inverter board only glitch when it sees the power off the Adapter ?

    Or do you think I need a driver update?

    I just used the one that installed with XP Stripped.
    Should I DL one off the IBM Site?

    The driver says ATI signed by Microsoft Compatibility blah blah.

    Any Ideas?

  51. Have swapped my R40e screen with a screen of an R40 and the picture o the screen is still faint/ghost like!! Any more ideas that might help me??
    Thanks a lot

  52. Hello Laptopfreak,
    I dropped my IBM ThinkPad T30laptop, and all i have now is a blank screen… You can see the light on it so if i adjust the brightness it can go brighter or dimmer, but no picture on it. It’s just total black. i I tried using an external monitor but nothing not even in the boot screen

  53. dear laptop freak
    i have ibm t30 laptop. my laptop no display m changing ram but no display but m leave ram & press power botton
    laptop is beep what’s the problem in this laptop

  54. Laptop Freak

    Check the memory modules. Reseat them.
    If the laptop has a discrete video card, make sure the card is properly connected to the motherboard. It’s possible that the card popped up from the slot when you dropped the laptop.

  55. Thanks for all of your help! Here’s my situation. I have a 3-year old R51. It’s been working great until a few weeks ago. Now it seems to be working fine for hours at a time, then all it takes is a single key-press or a small nudge to the screen or even the laptop case and the screen goes blank. Attached monitors go blank also. The only way to get it back alive is to cycle the power. When it comes back up I get a Microsoft error telling me that the Radeon video driver caused a serious error. I’ve reinstalled the driver multiple times, trying both the ones from IBM (Lenovo) and ATI with no success. It seems like this is a hardware problem but the consistent error message about the video driver is odd. Any ideas?

  56. Laptop Freak,

    I have an IBM X31, recently, after turning it off, it has never come back on.

    The screen is blank but the fan is definitely on and it gets warm so something is going on inside.

    If I press the CapsLock or NumLock their light doesn’t come on.

    It is definitely not the contrast or the battery.

    I have been told that it could well be the harddisk, screen or the motherboard. Is there anything else that could be wrong with it?

    How hard is it to fit a motherboard or a new harddisk?



  57. Laptop Freak

    Remove the hard drive and then turn on the laptop. If the laptop will not start, most likely your problem is not related to the hard drive. Here I’ve published your question and some troubleshooting tips.

  58. Dear Laptop Freak,

    Thanks for the great site. I have read through all of the responses though and do not see exactly what I need. I have an IBM T20 with a dim LCD Screen. The backlight is on, but a short time ago, it went dimmer than it should….not black, but like you dimmed it with the FN-End keys,etc. Once in a great while it will blink back bright again, but only for a second. No amount of pressing on the screen, case, etc. or jiggling makes it come back. I switched out the LCD inverter board, but it made no difference… Is my LCD going bad? Motherboard? Thanks! Dave

  59. Laptop Freak

    Not sure what’s wrong.
    I assume the LCD is not bright when you run on the battery power? Is is dark even in the BIOS (before Windows starts loading)?
    Check the AC adapter, make sure it outputs correct voltage. It’s just a guess. Please let me know if you find the solution.

  60. Dear LTF

    I’m so sorry to trouble you, but I’m in a pickle. I have an old IBM X23 laptop. Sometimes when I turn it on, it’s fine for a bit and the screen flickers or garbles and after a few minutes goes black. I read about trying to re-seat the inverter. I downloaded the X23 service manual which gives a diagram on how to remove the screen but I’m a monkey’s uncle’s best friend’s sister if I can do it. I’m not a laptop techie. Have you ever tried to “re-seat” the inverter on an X23 and could perhaps guide me? I’m stuck at step one: removing the hinge covers. They’re supposed to twist up by the look of things.

    I almost know what I’m doing. Almost!!

    I’m sorry to bother you.

  61. I have an IBM G40 laptop. Lately i had to rebuild the whole machine, unfortunately i couldn’t do it from the restore, so i installed a fresh XP Pro installation and download all the drivers from the web. However the dual monitor doesn’t work, it doesn’t detected the second monitor. I updated the BIOS, i ran two different drivers from IBM website, one for Video and the other one for Monitor management, but still doesn’t work… any ideas?

  62. Hi,

    I was wondering; any chance a 12″ XGA screen from an X20/21 or X30/31 would fit as a replacement for the screen in an X41 laptop? from what I gather its just a 12″ samsung XGA screen and these are all the same? including conector positions? (FRU P/N 92P6754 is what my kicked X41 was using)
    Or do I have to get a X40/41 spacific screen?

    Any advice apperciated.

  63. Lenin R.

    Hello LTF, I need some help.
    I have an IBM G40 laptop. Lately i had to rebuild the whole machine, unfortunately i couldn’t do it from the restore, so i installed a fresh XP Pro installation and download all the drivers from the web. However the dual monitor doesn’t work, it doesn’t detected the second monitor. I updated the BIOS, i ran two different drivers from IBM website, one for Video and the other one for Monitor management, but still doesn’t work… any ideas?

  64. Hi Laptopfreak,

    I have a m105 Toshiba Satellite and am experiencing a weird LCD problem. Little pieces of hair have worked their way under the screen and have proceeded to create oil smudges. They are setting behind the screen and are only visible when the computer is on. I’ve seen your disassembly guide for this model, but have not figured out how to take the LCD off to clean behind it. What do you suggest?

    Thanks, Liz

  65. I have an IBM T30 with a bright spot in the lower right hand corner. I have a couple of dead T23’s but the LCD’s work. Will the LCD from a T23 work in a T30. They are both 14.1″

  66. Got a T30 toughie!

    Neither the touchpad buttons nor the trackpoint click buttons can select anything in the Windows GUI. The
    arrow key moves with the touchpad or the “red ball”
    but nothing click selects.

    Thought it might be a virus so tried to reinstall the OS only to find it happens even when reinstalling!
    Must be hardware, the touchpad, the trackpoint, HMM!
    Anybody heard of thing breaking down at bios level?
    Tried enabling and reinabling both the touchpad and
    trackpoint. NADA!

    Don’t know if I can flash the bios because I think its
    already the latest one.

    Anybody seen this problem before? What did you do?
    I have noticed that the touchpad and trackpoint are
    completely separate pieces of hardware. BIOS maybe?

    OK SAGES! What say ye?

    Thanks in advance!

  67. Matthew Laubenstein

    I have been having the same problems as Ed, the last post on here. my touchpad scrolls (as does the red mouse button in the middle of the keyboard) but the mouse buttons have not been working. happened suddenly. tried searching for new drivers, reinstalled the device, etc (just like Ed) but nothing has worked. I am using an external mouse now but am wondering how I can get my thinkpad working correctly again. thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer!

  68. I am hoping someone can help me out. I have an IBM Thinkpad Iseies Type 2611. About 6 months ago I replaced the screen because it went bad. Now out of the blue it has started acting up again. I have found that 75% of the time when I start it up the LCD screen does not work(No picture no nothing.) I hooked up an external monitor and that works fine. On ocassion if I hook up the external monitor as the computer is turning on the LCD screen on the thinkpad will come to life. Does any one have any ideas as to what could be causing this?

    Thanks for any help…. Gary

  69. david beatty

    9 month ago, i got the black screen on my IBM T40p and i replaced the inverter….still black. so i then carefully replaced the ccfl tube in the screen. worked fine for about 8 months and then i noticed the screen was getting pink. it then started working intermittently…now the backlight wont stay on, except 2-3 seconds after i open the screen. i just replaced the inverter and the problem still exists. is it possible that the ccfl is failing again? i thought that if the backlight comes on at all, than it is working. please advise, and i appreciate your help

  70. I have a ibm t30. For about 3-4 months the screen started to be pink at start up then it would become normal when it completed booting. Just recently the screen just became black. I could see the picture in the screen for awhile then it just when totally black. any troubleshooting tips would be appreciated

  71. Brendon Fitzgerald

    I got a t30 along with 3 other computers to take apart and tinker around with. I put in a 15gb HDD from one of them and put on XP. I turned it on afterwards then the monitor started flickering lines across, then it just stopped working. When i plug it into a CRT monitor it works fine but the LCD screen won’t. I am going to sell it soon and I have to get to the bottom of it.
    And yes, I’m a kid.