My Toshiba Qosmio G30 suddenly developed the green screen problem

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I have Toshiba Qosmio g30(no serious probs since purchase) that suddenly developed the green screen problem.The xp start up screen is green & black/dark gray pixels are also green. There is also some red pixel distortion in scroll bars and menu boxes.

I was using it fine today then i half closed the screen and left it to go on standby or hibernate. Anyway, when i flicked mouse to turn it back on, the green pixels were all over the desktop. PLEASE bear with me on my steps because i really don’t think it is a fatal hardware fault and don’t want to dismantle yet!

1)I thought video card driver corruption – installed new & original drivers but no joy. also tried other various tosh drivers for other parts.

2)problem the same in safe mode so started to get worried.

3)then approached the color management profiles thinking they had been corrupted somehow – short term fix but not happy. basically you can alter the settings to get rid of most black pixels…eg they will be v dark grey. the less there are the less the problem is visible. maybe there’s a prob deep inside windows, startup progs or registry that messes with pixel display/pixel shader? sadly i don’t think it’s that simple.

4)i can safely rule out water damage and have not dropped or bashed it.

5)I then suspected a damaged wire in the hinge mechanism but since i can have perfect blue (without even a single green pixel)i just doubt that any potential damage caused in the hinge would affect only black pixels…..and also only black pixels on all your pcs/laptops! playing around with hinge angle so far fails to solve problem but i haven’t entirely ruled it out since the last thing i did before it all happened was move the screen.

6)The static theory is certainly interesting but how would it have suffered such a problem? can heat / power supply or even sudden hinge movement cause this? Anyway, have tried touching inner frame/depress start fix but no joy yet. will experiment further with this but why would it only mess with the black/grey pixels and not green pixels instead?

7)I will soon try external monitor that should narrow down problem a bit more

8)in the meantime i am going into bios and will try a few other things…some rest for my laptop, a test of black pixels in photoshop etc, and some more static shck therapy!

ANY HELP would be greatly appreciated but surely we can’t all have the same faulty wires…it’s just such a specific problem.

QS remains is it software (windows, color management, drivers, registry, hibernate/standby/start up prob etc), or hardware ( lcd – graphics card communication, static charge, cable damage)

If these pixels appear on the screen as soon as you turn on the laptop, even before Windows starts loading, most likely your problem is not software related and there is something wrong with hardware.
First of all, you should test the laptop with an external monitor.
If the external video is fine and these green pixels appear only on the internal LCD screen, most likely you have a problem with the screen. You can buy a new replacement screen on ebay.
If both external and internal images have the same defect, you might have a problem with the video card. Unfortunately, I believe the video card is integrated into the system board and when it fails, you have to replace the whole motherboard.
As I mentioned above, before you make any conclusions, test the laptop with an external monitor.

UPDATE. September 30, 2008.

Toshiba Qosmio G35 BIOS Update and GPU Repair Program

Based on our Investigation, some Toshiba portable computers have Graphic Processing Units (GPU’s) that may exhibit one or more of the symptoms specified below.

If you experience a failure, you may see one or more of the following symptoms:

– Multiple images
– Random characters on the screen
– Lines on the screen
– No video with power on

Consistent with our commitment to customer satisfaction, Toshiba is conducting a free GPU Repair Program for customers whose portable computers contain the subject GPUs in the model identified below and have experienced a GPU performance issue.

Qosmio G35-AV650
Qosmio G35-AV660
Qosmio G35-AV670

For more information please contact Toshiba Support at 1-800-457-7777 or a Toshiba Authorized Service Partner near you.

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  1. ok i have tested external monitor and no problem whatsoever. So from other posts it looks like an lcd issue. hmm. Anyway, i spoke to toshiba twice today and 3 repair outlets. Toshiba recommended a system recovery that i would hate to do unless necessary. most evidence still points to faulty VGA that will no doubt require a new motherboard and cost me between £300 & 500 depending on who I talk to.

    One guy i spoke to said he has seen several laptops suffering from my exact symptoms and he is 100% sure it is vga problem. he says he has seen 7 like mine and only solution is new vga/ motherboard. he said it’s essentially a manufacturing fault…either it gets too hot(it has been much much hotter than yesterday though) or that sometimes because it is so heavy, if you pick it up with one hand there is the possibility that the casing can touch inners and cause problems. he says that it can be repaired but will almost certainly happen again….maybe in a month or maybe a year!

    whatever it is i have to get it fixed. i am sure it’s not the lcd itself and more likely to be vga-lcd connection. still, i can’t see the logic if so many people have same problems….i would assume driver/windows problem.

    Oh please any more solutions….pixel shaders, windows drivers or sthg…HELP ME PLEASE!

  2. I just got a 20″ flat screen and it’s doing the same to me. It’s not a laptop, but i have green flickering pixels all over the place and everything looks like the Matrix. And they’re only appearing over black and grey areas. I really think it’s the monitor and not software OR videocard related, as I had an old CRT monitor hooked up to the machine for years and it was fine until the day got the LCD.

  3. Hey Ya, Ive got the Toshiba G30 & I have the same problem with the green pixels. at first i though damit a virus but no after going though all the steps to fix it . Came to the conclusion that it was HARDWARE> Thus Taking it in for warrenty ( Thank Go* ) Cause . mB replacement.. and yes it seemes like it was cause from to much heat. – I noticed to that it seemed the laptop would generate more & more heat.. doing my regular cleaning of fans and vents. but Yes most likey this Board is getting to hot. and. having a melt down.. well at least the Video. memory. can stand the heat.. I was told there replacing the MB.. So thats my little story . Hope it helps a little with anyone having this same problem…

  4. Techno-Raj


    The fault you’ve got maybe related to the VGA chip on the systemboard.

    This site has more details:

  5. I had the same problem with you guys on my Qosmio G30 too.. It happened during July and I had Toshiba to replace the Motherboard for me, it took them 1 month to replace it.. My goodness! (They returned to only 1 month after after they receive their motherboard)
    Anyway, after i received my laptop after 1 month, i continued working on it for another 6 days and this time different problem arose. When I turned on the laptop, nothing appeared on the screen but there was sound which can be heard. Only by pressing Fn+F5 the display will reappear. WHat sort of problem is that? I had the Motherboard replaced, why does such problem still arise?
    Now still waiting for Toshiba to receive another brand new motherboard, luckily my unit is still under warranty.

  6. I have started having this problem on my Acer laptop. The symptoms are exactly the same. I noticed that the problem is temporarily solved by changing colors on the screen frequently (quick maximising/minimising, starting a game etc). Also, it decreases after long continuous usage. I felt this somewhat ruled out a problem with the connectors, could static buildup have anything to do with it?

  7. i have the same problem, also Toshiba will replace the motherboard for my g30 in 20+ days

    i turn the laptop on and see green and red dots and lines

    i have to play with color and resolution to get it to work, but 10 minutes later it goes bad again…..

    i don’t get it, why do they release these faulty laptops, what kind of testing do they have…..

  8. Fireplace

    Just happened to me yesterday on my G30 but with a twist.

    I can not load normal windows at all I can only boot in safe mode. Is it my graphics card?

  9. If you guys type the keyword ‘g30 graphic problems’, you can see a lot of the same thing happening almost around the world. I guess graphic card integrated into the motherboard (like the one in g30) are no good.
    The only way to solve this problem is by replacing it or replace a new laptop. I don’t think i will ever get qosmio in the future.

    Fireplace, “Just happened to me yesterday on my G30 but with a twist.

    I can not load normal windows at all I can only boot in safe mode. Is it my graphics card?” – that happened to me as well.. I’m guessing it is a graphic card problem also.. have it checked by toshiba. If its still under warranty, it is still worth replacing the motherboard. If not, i dun think its worth it. I guess the motherboard cost as much as the unit itself. So worth buying another new laptop.

  10. I bought my Qosmio this January 2007 and the same problem happened a month after i bought it. i brought it into london drugs and they repaced the MB. In november it happened again!. They are still fixing it and it will be done in a week. It took them 3 weeks!. I bought the extended 3 year warranty and i hope if it happens again i will get a replacement.

    I will never buy toshiba products again.

  11. Hussein

    i am on my forth Motherboard replacement in less then 2 months, and the problem still exists.

    i don’t understand, they cant fix the problem, why bother and replace the MB when its bound to have the same defect again….

    God forbids me to buy anything marked with Toshiba in it.

  12. Completely BS

    Add me to the endless list of suckers who bought a Toshiba G30. The machine is in my opinion a Lemon. All of the above are symptoms of the integrated video chip burning out and taking the (very expensive to replace)MB with it. Toshiba sting you for a top premium when you buy and then screw you again when you need to fix it; 14 months old and out of warranty, what are you going to do except alert every one to the fact that the machine is rubbish.

  13. Mike Smith

    I guess I am just another story to add to the board. My G30 is 1 yr 5 mths old and soundsl ike it’s not worth another mother board. All the same symptoms, green squares, vertical lines, and “blue screen”. I didn’t go for the extended warrenty, toshiba, I thought, made good laptops! It’ll be the last for me as well. I called and complained, but noone would offer a free fix, or as much as some $ todwards the repair. This should be a recall issue, and should be dealt with in court!

  14. I have the same problem with my Q30. Left it by Toshiba Service Center. They have to replace the MB and i am out
    of warranty since 3 month. My Qosmio was thought as a desktop replacement 🙁 so it run day and night. I am very disappointed with Toshiba, its a design fault (heat)!

  15. Ok I think I started this thread (mine is long post at top).

    Anyway I managed to get Toshiba in UK to offer me a “good will gesture” after I kicked up a fuss. basically they wanted to charge me about £400 to replace MB as well as 7600 go card ! The cheek of it.

    I said that it simply wasn’t my responsibility that the MB needs to be replaced because the VGA card is soldered onto it, and after a few calls to customer service it all seemed fine.

    I was overjoyed that they did this for me out of warranty although part of the deal was that I take out extended warranty for ??? . Sensing that something would only go wrong again I am glad I did so……

    Earlier today, my wife was quite happily on internet when…um , er I don’t know really. The screen just went black and died!

    I can restart in safe mode with no display probs

    I cannot restart normally (XP screen has vertical grey lines in bar pattern all over screen) and then goes black.

    I can start in “VGA mode” whatever that is, but only 8 bit display…16bit or 32 bit just gives black screen. If I even try those I have to restart.

    I suspect another graphics card problem or maybe if I’m lucky a memory issue.

    Stuff this I say ! A year ago I would say Tosh made great machines but this is turning into a turkey. NEVER AGAIN. I will be asking for a replacement on monday. I don’t care they can give me something that works.

  16. Hussein

    dont be happy just yet
    i replaced my MB 4 times, yes 4 times !!! in less then 3 months
    and i still get the same vga green lines, red lines, gray lines problem, sometimes it boots in safe mode, sometimes, not at all!

    this hapens due to unstable 7600 drivers, if you update your driver you will get these issues a little faster, and teh card gets overheated allot when playing graphic heavy games, and in a while it could die just by browsing internet or watching a movie
    first symptoms is, allot of red and green dots around the mouse pointer area.

    now i am stuck with a g30 brick that works when it wants to…. i hate toshiba

  17. So good to know it will need replacing on a regular basis. That way I won’t make the mistake of relying on it ever. Ok seriously now, I can’t believe how a problem like this can slip through testing…worse maybe to think Tosh knew about it and released it anyway.

    If they refuse to give me a different model or replacement, I think I might start up a website called or smashmytoshup etc. People could post videos of how they use a malfunctioning £2000 machine. I might set the tone by salvaging what i can and then smashing it to bits and sending it to Tosh HQ as a protest. I welcome more constructive suggestions though.

    I wonder if they fitted a different video card, might this issue be resolved to at least get a few years use? Since I got it back from 1st repair I don’t think I have used it for more than 100 hours ! It’s a joke. No gaming really, just some videos, youtube etc.

    Intersting what you said about latest drivers causing problems but surely the build is more a problem?

    Anyway do you think g40s have same probs? I was thinking of going to spend £2500 on one tomorrow. YEAH LIKE **** I will ! I might try and get upgraded to one if they are different.

  18. Hi Guys,

    Same here had the laptop for two years and she died on me. First it started with lines, so I switched off the graphic card driver and left it with just the MS vga card driver, worked for another 3 months, and then it started happening on that, so I got myself another new laptop sony this time, and started to remotely connect to the toshiba, yes it worked for another 3 months, and today the bit_ch died.

    I tried all sorts of things, I even put it in the freezer to cool her down.

    Its simple in the future do not buy another Toshiba laptop, go with Sony or something more reliable.



  19. Stuart

    Hi Guys, I bought 3 of these units not more than 6 months ago. i spent so much money on these three thinking that they were quality products being the best on the market at the time. I had the exact same problems as many above, only, it got so bad, that Vista could not start up. it would boot, and go straight into system recovery mode due to hardware failure. my Laptop has been in for 2 weeks now, and now, my second G30 is developing the same symptoms! I am awaiting the sales manager’s call to try resolve the situation. it is obvious that this problem is generic with so many of the G30’s from what i have researched, that i want to try and swap my laptops for something else. because quite frankly, to spend such copious amounts of dosh on oversized paperweights is bull!! I will never advise one to buy a toshiba product again!! ill stick to sony or dell for sure!! They produce far better quality products!!

  20. Hi all,
    As my toshiba G30 is off getting repaired again (im getting 6mths out of a motherboard and this is the second one), taken a week so far and thats just delivering it, im reading all the posts on the net about what a wonderful machine they are. How many of us have been sucked in by toshiba? I think for the price of this brick toshiba should offer us a resolution. Im going to try the media.

  21. Duncan Peacock

    My (Nov 2006) G30 did not suffer the pixel problem, the whole thing just died and left the fan running top speed. As with all these others, I was advised the Motherboard had failed, all of 2 weeks out of warrantee. I then waited over 2 months!! for a repair. My Qosmio was bought in Canada but failed in the UK so this was used as an excuse. Then eventually it was returned but, I noticed from the paperwork, with a different type of MB. I wonder if there might be a reason for this?! I’ll cross my fingers that it lasts but it seems a ludicrous situation for a company the size of Toshiba to not own up and stop charging vast sums of money (all but 500GBP in my case) for a repair that is obviously due to a design fault.
    Suggestions on a united front to make them wake up and take notice gratefully received!

  22. Duncan Peacock

    Ah, also meant to say that since the replacement MB I have no media library in either Media Play or Media Centre (I understand they use the same library files), Media Player crashes continually and I’ve just found out the Qosmio direct buttons don’t work at all. Ha, says the repairer, not our problem, we just replaced the MB! Now, do i spend another goddness knows how much having these bits repaired only to suffer another MB failure? I think not, but if anyone has any suggestions as to resolving these issues I would love to hear them. (I have already tried uninstalling MP11 and the related programs and rolling back to MP10 as suggested by Microsoft, but now MP10 crashes on opening it). As to buying a Sony, well i had one of those before this Tosh. The problem there was the power socket detached and wouldn’t charge so gusee what, I needed a new MB! Sony’s problem is that only a certified Sony repairer can obtain the spare parts and the only one in Europe at the time (3 years ago) was in Holland. So I lost the laptop for 6 weeks and was another 450GBP out of pocket to put right a design fault. At least with Toshiba I have quite a few options of repairers!

  23. Quillan

    I’ve had a few laptops and bought an G30-191, the bees knees in 2006 when they were more or less the most powerfull thing on the market, worked ok for a year or so then started to hyperventillate like mad, sent off to Tosh for repair, came back and was ok… for a couple of weeks. Now it has gone back into hyperventillation mode, I’m gonna start a Toshiba G30 problem section on my web because I think that it is absolutely outrageous to sell a product for 2000 quid that works so badly! All are welcome to leave coms on my site, please keep language clean though… I know its hard when you’ve paid 2k for a paperweight but hey, I use my site professionnaly too.

  24. Killrr

    Owner of G30 who just today took it in to Toshiba tech. with many of the same probs. mentioned above. Video card problems was the first thing to come to my mind. I do not want to replace MB with video on it if the problem is caused by too much heat, it will happen again. First they ditch HD DVD rendering my HD DVD ROM in the laptop obsolete – $1000, and now I guess I am looking at a MB replacement which could cost $1000. I guess I bought a $3000 calculator. If Toshiba does not offer makegood of some sort it will be the last item with Toshiba on it that I ever buy, and I will make everyone I know aware of my situation. This deffinitely sounds like manufacturer fault, Toshiba should want to keep us happy and buying their products.

  25. super poo

    after reading all your responses im pretty pissed! its very convenient that this all happens out of warranty!!!

    guess i have an expensive door stop now 😀

    anyone know if toshiba is doing a recall? thanks to toshiba ive converted to mac!

  26. Killrr

    Got my machine back from Toshiba authorized service today, and guess what, video card is defective and fried the motherboard. $550 for the part and $130 to install it. Sounds familar huh. I am not prepared to replace a video card and motherboard that will likely have problems again, due to poor design by Toshiba. Toshiba is not recognizing a problem with the G30, only the G10 (similar problems), and remarked that they are very sorry I am out of warranty, and luck. I am going to push the issue with Toshiba as far as I can. Unfortunately for Toshiba I work for a major newspaper publishing company. This story will make great material for our Tech column. Everyone having these problems please continue to make lots of noise.

  27. quillan

    Hi again, glad to see Killrr is getting something under way, ps what magazine do you work for ? We need to get organized to put pressure on these monkeys, if everyone here with a blogg or website puts and article up and cross references this page and each other, we can start having impact on page ratings and so come up more often on google searches etc then people will hear more and more about the problem and Tosh have to take notice ! I’ve started on, leave your comments to increase ratings +reference your own articles on the subject.

  28. quillan

    I have sent a letter to Atsutoshi Nishida (Toshiba’s CEO/president in Japan) regarding the problems with the G30. Hopefully I’ll get a response. You can get his addresss on my web if you want to write to keep his secretaries or translators busy :-). (

  29. Killrr

    My machine was fixed for free by Toshiba (2 months out of warranty). The person I spoke with to get the work done is located at the Canadian head office in Markham, Ontario, Canada (google it). He did not admit to any know problems with the G30 laptops but agreeded to fix mine. When you call, let receptionist know that you do not want to talk to the techies they normally put you through to, let them know you want to speak to the man who makes the decisions. I let him know about this page of complaints. Good luck to all!!!

  30. Adrian b.

    This is the worst notebook I ever had…qosmio g30-145 , I have read a lot of posts with the same problem as I have : video card dyeing (video ram gpu fried) with the same symptoms vertical green/red/blue lines/stripes on the display from boot up.
    About 2 years ago I have bought my qosmio from Germany with 3500 euro, lot of money, and first problem occur about 1 month ago when I start playing games. Notebook is equipped with the nv 7600 gt mobile video card. Many people say that or the video ram or the gpu were fried (same problem with vertical lines on display from boot up, this is a hardware problem if you get this don’t try to flash your bios or something like else it didn’t work ) , after these lines the next step is u get b.s.o.d. (blue screen) from now on you qosmio doesn’t boot anymore until you disable the vga card driver (7600 gt) in windows (safe mode) with standard display adapter and you can work without 7600 gt mobile as long as you don’t have to play games or run 3d programs. Luckily I was in warranty and Toshiba changed the whole motherboard (that’s the only solution because the video card is together with the motherboard), this is very expensive if you are not in warranty!!! (About 700 – 900 $)
    After I get my qosmio back from warranty, about 5 days ago (today is 30 April 2008) I just started playing a flight simulator ,after 10-15 minutes I get blue screen again , my notebook restarted automatically and again same vertical lines and stripes on my display and same bsod (blue screen). 
    It is ok for me because I still have warranty for 2 month’s but my question is what if this problem occurs after my warranty over, what I have read on a lot of posts there are many people with qosmio g30 series who has replaced 3 or 4 times the whole motherboard on warranty on then on his own costs.

    Why is Toshiba closing her eyes, it is NOT our fault that we have bought to most expensive notebook of that time ,it is Toshiba’s fault , he designed these notebooks.
    Toshiba is responsibly for these ………….
    So Toshiba, do something but hurry up, until you don’t have anymore what to replace.
    My next notebook will be definitely NOT a TOSHIBA… and I recommend this to you.

  31. Same again. warranty just ran out at 13 mths. First and last Toshiba. G30’s are no good.

  32. Jim Mc

    My Q30 has been in since April 17th and still no sign of it coming back.
    I sincerely hope that they lose it having read the problems above. I too believed that I had bought a technology-proof machine and hoped it would last three years or so.
    Mine was in its last week of warranty, so based on the info above, I would expect that it will not last much longer when it does get repaired….

  33. Bob M

    My G30 is doing the same thing. Power on, display corruption. The video card seems to be burned out 3 months out of warranty and I’m quoted nearly the cost of a new laptop just to get the motherboard replaced. I am having no luck with Toshiba support and am unlikely to buy a Toshiba product again.

  34. Lambolica

    My G30 has up an died on me 5 months out of warranty.

    Graphics Card fried and in need of a replacement. I just don’t know if it is worth replacing with the risk of it dieing again or not. Just so much money that never got pushed any where near it’s limits that now too unreliable to repair?

  35. Tab W

    This machine is a piece of CRAP (G30 175) bought in the UK cost me 1900 Pounds about $2200 Canadian. Like many other did not take out the extended warranty (thought for this price must be a great machine) Exactly 1 year and two months later same as the rest…Video card on MB bad!!
    Called Toshiba Markham ontario..Tech said between $800 and $1000 repair bill!!! and 4 to 6 week wait LOLOLO.
    Decided to cut my losses…not paying this to get Perhaps a few months before it goes again.
    Went to Tiger Direct Bought a new Acer PC with 22in monitor 2 year warranty Fully Upgradable ..they took my Two 80 gig drives out of the G30 and put them into slim housings which I now use for Data Drives.
    The rest i will strip and sell parts (Battery memory etc) on Ebay. I will NEVER buy anything from TRASHIBA again!!! Peace to all and good luck.

  36. Quillan

    I sent a letter to toshiba headquarters in japan to complain about the design fault. This was about a month ago, they obviously don’t give a monkeys about the problem and are just “moving on” trying to sweep the problem under the carpet, that is until one of these pieces of sad excuses for a laptop decides to set spontaneously combust and burns down a house with its occupants and they are forced to admit that “maybe we do have a slight overheating issue on the G30 series but we had absolutely no prior knowledge of the problem, please contact our company’s overpaid loophole jumping lawyers for further information” BUNCH OF CORPORATIST, HIDE BEHIND THE WADS OF CASH YOU’VE MANAGED TO CON CONSUMERS INTO SPENDING ON YOUR LAME PRODUCTS, MUPPETS. 🙂

  37. Hi everyone im one of the victim of the qosmio problem,, same as your problem, i already had my mptherboard replaced for $1000, after 2 months my LCD broke down,,, now i need another $400 to replaced it, my goodness…

    is there anyone here who want to strip his/her lcd from qosmio g30 and sell it to me for a reasonable price,,

    thank you very much,,,,,
    +63 7991169

  38. Quillan

    Hey Lyric, you can buy a brand new compatible screen on egay for the G30 for around 140 GBP (250$ ish), I bought one for my other toshiba laptop a while back, works great. Try here East Coast laptop LCD Store or NotebookBitz

  39. Hey Lyric you can have my LCD 17in display
    for $100 (you pay shipping)

    Let me know

    Tab W.

  40. Hey Tab W, where are u located? is your LCD came from Qosmio G30 also? how can we arranged the shipping?,, you can contact me directly to my email,,,,

    thank you very much

  41. Killrr

    Hi again…. Have had the G30 back from MB replacement on Toshiba for about 1 month, and same starting video symptoms are happening again. The mans name at Toshiba Head Office in Markham, Ontaio, Canada, is MILTON. Ask receptionist to put you through to him. He is the guy who authorized my first MB fix. I am going to call him again about my recurring symptoms. Do not replace mother board with your own money because it will happen again. Call Milton in Markham, Ontario, Canada, to see if he can help. Lets make Milton aware that there is a design problem that needs a permanent fix on them.

  42. Andras Kienitz

    Just to let you know that the G30 has the same problems in France too. I bought the PC end of 2006, in June the green vertical line problem apeared. Only now I discover that the situation is hopeless. I’ll never by a Toshiba pruduct agian !

  43. Pierre Col

    We are a lot of G30 buyers suffering same problems in France.

    I bought mine Sep 2007, it failed March 2008, 6 month after the 1 year warranty : 765 € to fix the motherboard for a 18 month old “luxury laptop” paid 1800 €, that is not normal (to stay polite…)

    I’m considering a kind of “class action” in France, we would be happy to share experience with other G30 buyers suffering the same failures.

  44. Quillan

    Hey Pierre,

    I would be interested in your class action, I bought my laptop in france too.

  45. I replaced the MB on my Qosmio G30 (same old Graphic card probl.)Feb.08. Cost me 1200.- swiss francs.
    Since i have just 6 months warranty on replacement parts i would bet it goes ‘TEXAS’ again by aug/sep 08.

  46. Pierre Col

    The day after I sent my e-mail to Toshiba customer service, I received a regular mail from Toshiba : they accept to change my motherboard for free.

    I really think that it is time now for all Toshiba customers to have their G30 motherboard fixed for free !

  47. Now as i said in my previous mail (7/4/08)my G30 is having the green screen problem again. Fortunately i am still in the 6 months warranty slot for replaced parts.
    Its a nightmare!

  48. Pierre Col

    According to this news :
    Nvidia says it had probliems on some graphic chips for laptops, since 2006 : it causes overheating and failures… similar to what we suffer on our Qosmio, so it might not be A Toshiba failure but a Nvidia failure…

  49. Hi all,

    You can add me to the list of dopes who bought this pile of G30 junk. The worst part is I bought it on the recommendation of a laptop magazine! If I find it, you can guarentee I’ll be sending some serious abuse down the phone to them.

    It has never worked properly since I bought it, first of all the RAID controller kept insisting that one of my drives was buggered. I sent it to be fixed, and it came back with exactly the same problem.

    Now today, I have experienced the same problem you are all having. Red dots were appearing round my mouse pointer, then the green stripes, I rebooted and it wouldn’t load up without bluescreening on me. I can now only start it in safe mode. I will be demanding Toshiba fix it for free like some others have done here.

    Either way I will NEVER buy a Toshiba laptop again, and I’ll do my best to make sure no one else does either.

    The G30 was clearly rushed through the door when it was designed and never properly tested. I’ve never had so many problems with one machine.

  50. Hi again,

    To the guy who started this thread originally, please if you read this can you get in touch with me? I am from the UK also, and I just spoke with Toshiba, and they are claiming they’ve never had this problem for this laptop and that they’ve never fixed it for free.

    I don’t believe this for a second, and I was wondering if you could give me any uesful contacts? I spoke with one of customer supports superiors, and he claims they’ve sold millions and there hasn’t been a significant amount of the same problem.

    The scam part of it seems, if it’s sold in a different country it has a different model number and is therefore not classed as the same laptop. This is outrageous! They say they will look at it for £35, and if they find a problem that isn’t ware and tear they will fix it for free. Thing is, once it is in their hands, they can say whatever they like!

    Please if you read this contact me at ‘will ‘at’ I really need your help if you’re out there, or any body else who has got this done for free in the UK.

  51. I don’t know if this will help anyone, but it couldn’t hurt to share my experiences.

    I bought a used G30 that had a video problem where the screen would start to flash after about 10 minutes of use, and shortly after the machine would lock up. (At the time, I did not know about the video card problems common on these machines.)

    Shortly after, I started getting the “green vertical lines” on the Windows load screen, followed by the “Blue Screen Of Death” with error code 0x8e or 0x50. I could boot into safe mode without any problem, but the machine was just about useless in safe mode.

    To cut a long story short…

    I went into safe mode, right clicked My Computer -> Properties -> Device Manager, opened Display Adapters, right clicked the nVidia 7600 Go, and Uninstalled it completely from the computer (clicked YES to the pop-up).

    Then I rebooted into normal mode, went past the Windows load screen (still with the “green vertical lines”) and it loaded into Windows!

    A “Found New Hardware” pop-up appeared for the video card which I canceled. Now, aside from running a safe video driver, the computer functioned fine.

    Then I downloaded, unpacked and installed v84.71 of the 7600go video driver here
    Rebooted and …..



    The computer has been running beautifully now for 2 days.

    Please post your results here should you decide to try what has worked for me.

  52. Quillan

    Left a review here too just for the hell of it

  53. Hi Guys – guess what? I’ve got a Qosmio G30 and it’s doing the same bloody thing – powering the fans up to max speed, green lines from start up and will only run in safe mode. I’m uk based and need a toshiba contact to complain to (out of warranty). If we all communicate to the same person then there’s a much bigger likelihood of getting this “premium” (ha ha) laptop sorted!


  54. Killrr

    See my posts for contact at Toshiba in Canada, perhaps he can call someone in UK. They have my machine at Toshiba Head Office in Canada, and are assessing the situation. They have fixed MB once for free already, and I am sure they are not interested in hearing from me too much more. LOL Actually the man I am dealing with is very helpful. I am waiting for solution…ie replacement or permanent fix. The guy I am speaking with is well aware of this page. Don’t give up the good fight Quillian.

  55. Hi,

    same problems with my G30 motherboard dead after 10 months or light use! Waiting permanent solution!
    Thank s

  56. Graeme


    Ive had problems with my g30 aswell believe it or not. I paid £1500 for it at pcworld and it worked really well. Then after a while it started to go funny green blotches all over the screen. I rang pcworld and they said just give your system a system restore and everything should be ok so i did and it didnt help one bit. so i rang back up and they said whoever i had been speaking to hadnt followed the correct protocol. They then took my laptop and replaced the harddrives and it worked fine, until recently the problems happened again and it would let me even enter windows. i took it to an independent computer shop and they said its the graphics card and they have put it to ms graphics which is awkward when your using websites and wont allow me to use my dvd player or games, and when i scroll quickly on a website it bleeps.

  57. Hi

    Same issue

    Uk Toshiba failed at 13 months with vertical lines issue, then left hand side of the screen died!, then the green lines and blue screen occured.

    confirmed graphics card malfunction by independant engineer.

    Toshiba say its not a commmon issue and wont repair it for free, even though its only 6 months out of warranty. Pc world wont replace it unless toshiba admits its a common issue and can pinpoint the cause.

    I believe this is a manufacturing defect and that toshiba should be repairing our machines for free.

    Any glimmer of hope, uk toshiba contact or stories of success eagerly anticipated.

  58. Rob Armstrong

    I have a G30 Qosmio and have experienced all of the “HD”, problems and overheating conditions. I had my motherboard replaced a month ago. I faxed a letter to Toshiba asking for a new warranty for my new factory board but have had no response to date.
    I would be happy to provide other details if requested.
    Sincerely Rob.

  59. Hi all,

    Just to let you all know. After several battles with Toshiba UK’s customer service, they eventually passed me on to head-office.

    I never caught the name of the guy I spoke to but he was extremely helpful, and as a good-will gesture offered me the chance to get a new 2 year warranty, and said that this would also cover the cost of my repairs.

    I’m delighted with this, and Toshiba have gone up massively in my estimations again. He did say that there wasn’t enough evidence of a manufacturer fault which is obviously what I wanted to hear. But I’m still very happy with this outcome. He was very understanding, and could see my distress at having to pay the £584 I was originally quoted on top of the £2000.00 I’d already paid for a computer that wasn’t even 2 years old.

    So I can only recommend to you all that you keep fighting the good fight, they will listen eventually.

  60. Eric in Victoria BC

    Hey everyone.

    Same problem as all you guys have had. Microsoft techs worked on this problem for 6 hours to see if it was an OS issue. All evidence pointed to a hardware fault. Will attempt to contact Toshiba and get back to you with their reply.

  61. Does anyone have a Canadian phone number for Toshiba’s main service centre?. Would you post it?.
    I am running scared now that I have my new MB., When will it crap-out?.
    Does anyone have any suggestions as to how we resolve the excess heat issue, other than a chillmat?.
    I had my qosmio serviced by “Microage” in Peterborough. They told me I would have a 90 day Toshiba warranty but when I contacted Toshiba to verify same, I was told that they had no record of the repair. I faxed all the reciepts to Toshiba but I have not had any further contact.a month has passsed now.

  62. Anyone in Canada should read my posts on this page for contact at Canadian Toshiba H.O.. Rob … there is no point to try to cool the new MB better. I bought $50 external laptop cooler when MB was replaced. It did not make diff.. I was having same problems shortly after MB replacement with new cooling unit. I bought the best cooler I could find.









  64. I have a Qosmio G15AV501 in REPLY to the above post!

  65. Hey guy I had the same problem as all of you and I followed everything step by step to what Stan said above and the first part worked beautifully I can use my laptop in normal mode after deleting the driver. but when it came to getting rid of the line completely it did not work for me … but i am alot happier for now, i will work on it some more but at least my intenet is working and i can listen to music again.

  66. Anastasia

    Well I’m the latest idiot victim to this G30 stuff… My screen is of a lovely bright red colour all the sudden, music still plays though and I’m in normal mode. I’m in the UK, and if anyone had a success story and has any good contacts regarding getting free warranty or new MB, I would be grateful. As you gather, I’m out of warranty.

    Anything to fix this hyperventilating piece of junk…

  67. I too have the Qosmio blues! I bought the G30 at London Drugs in late October of 2006. Beautiful machine, too heaving to use as a portable but whatever, I’m a Simmer and I love this machine. And I was told by the sales person that with those specs, I wouldn’t have a problem playing my game.
    In March of 07 I get the green lines etc. Motherboard was gone. It was still on the regular Toshiba Warranty and I was advised to send it out to a dealer in Vancouver! Nice, I live in northern BC! I did as instructed, I paid the shipping. The machine was sent back, Purolator lost it! Took them two weeks to find it.
    Again in Feb. 08, motherboard gone. Sent it to a different company in Richmond BC. Same thing, paid for the shipping to and from. Took about a month, got it back, April 08 gone again, same thing. I’m mad now, and do you think anyone at Toshiba will help me? Refer me to someone that will help me? Not a chance. Back to Richmond it goes. The repair shop could not believe it was gone again so fast.
    I got it back in record time, two weeks! Still paying for shipping. So now at the beginning of september, gone again! I had a hell of a time getting someone at Toshiba to deal with me, finally after talking to different people there, I get a call from someone in Ontario. He is currently dealing with it. I had to send it back to Richmond, where the lady at the repair company told me that as far as she was concerned, it should be replaced with a new one. 4 times motherboard goes? There’s a problem.
    Now the fella in Ontario is telling me that they want it shipped to Toronto, they THINK they know what the problem is? What the hell? If they are so smart, why wasn’t it fixed the first three times? I told the repair shop that there was something else causing this. They told me that they are only authorized to deal with the current problem? huh?
    How many times do I have to pay to ship the thing? How long do I have to go without a computer after spending close to $4000 on this machine (I was smart enough to buy extended warranty) and why are they using MY Extented warranty when the problem started on a part that was under the Toshiba warranty to begin with!
    If there is a TAKE DOWN TOSHIBA group, I would gladly join up! I am frustrated as hell and getting madder by the day! Glad to know I’m not the only one though.

  68. Laptop Freak

    Toshiba Qosmio G35 BIOS Update and GPU Repair Program

    Free GPU repair program from Toshiba


  69. Thanks Laptop Freak

    THIS IS GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!



  70. I Also bought mine from Londond Drugs in Northern BC (Prince George) i had it repaired twice!. I had to go without a computer for nearly 4 months.

    Its Good news that there is a Repair Program. My haunting spirit can rest asure now (though i bought the extended warantee for 500 bucks).

    Its good that Toshiba finally realized that customer service should be number 1. They waited too late to resolve this. I bought mine in DEC 2006. Its OCT 2008 now. 2 years. It should of been addressed after 1.

    I am still wary of buying any TOSHIBA products because of this incident. I am going to stick with SONY.


  71. Duncan Peacock

    Great news!! – for owners of G35’s, but what about us poor G30 owners??!! Toshiba’s website is very specific about which machines they are covering in this situation and the G30 doesn’t even seem to exist as far as their site is concerned (or at least, I couldn’t find it). Anyone heard anything about our G30 doorstops?

  72. Yes, that would be lovely to know, what about the G30? I have that feeling that they are going to attempt to fix that piece of crap and send it back to me, hoping I’ll shut up, a fix for that would solve all of our problems.

  73. Anastasia

    UK – Getting my G30 picked up today for fixing. One phone call to the Customer Service, explaining how much I paid and how disgusting it is to have to fix it after 18months they agreed to fix under warranty this time. Good luck to everyone.

  74. Well, here I thought that I found someone at Toshiba who would help me with my problem. An above post outlines it. I’ve been without it since the beginning of september, yet again. My guy in toronto calls me and tells me to send it to toronto, THEY will pay the shipping. We yeah! They are actually gonna pay for something? I go on a two week vacation to get a call from the original repair company that has repaired it twice already, saying it is ready. Yep, they replaced the motherboard again! No finding out what is causing these boards to crash, and my faithful guy in toronto is not returning my calls. I am fed up. Anyone have any ideas of what I can do? I will bring legal action if I have to, I am SO sick of this! All I want is a god dam computer that I don’t have to send out every few months and go without for another two while they are pissing around not fixing the real problem! Any help would be much appreciated.

  75. And yet again, I paid for the shipping! Lets see, 4 times $32 twice! It’s past ridiculous.

  76. Hi all. My G30 went in for motherboard replacement twice. I dealt with a person at Toshiba H.O. in Markham Ontario for full coverage on MB replacement, even though I was well out of warranty. He was very helpful. Last time the board was replaced he told me that four insulating pads were added between the GPU and motherboard to cut down on overheat. No problems with it so far.(about 2 months) He also mentioned that a bios for G30 had been written and that he thought it might also help. Toshiba seems to be recognizing that this problem is not isolated and something must be done. I think my machine has be instrumental in helping Toshiba recognize and fix the problem for all of us. I will keep you posted.

  77. Hi all

    I have two G30 wheel chocks. One was droped which I am not to bothered about. The other I closed the screen when I left the office for an hour and when i came back and opened it nothing. During reboot the screen had thick red and green lines on it. Then went all matrix on me. After a while i could only boot in vga mode. The machine has now died on me. This is deff a graphics card problem as one day I had it in the car and it got real cold and when i booted it no lines ect. After 15 min when it had warmed up the same old probs as the rest of you guys. I have been looking around for another motherboard but no luck.

    I am in West London uk and Toshiba is only 10 mile down the road from me in Weybridge so they will be getting a vist with a print out of this forum if they tell me its not their problem.

  78. Has anyone tried the bios update, 3.9 to “fix” the green screen problem? At this point I assume the gpu needs replacement along with the bios update… I was wondering if anyone tried the bios update on it’s own? At this point, I’ll try anything..

  79. Edward Reid

    This problem also effects the F30 which also uses the GeForce Go 7800 GPU. I have 2 of these Laptops and both have lines on screen, crashing in windows when running the Nvidia drivers as a work around I run both using standard windows VGA drivers. I going to contact Toshiba and complain under the sales of goods act as unfit for purpose (which covers products for 6 years in the UK). Will let you know how I get on.


  80. Edward Reid

    Sorry ment GeForce Go 7600 GPU

  81. Eric in Victoria BC

    After speaking to a very nice Toshiba rep prior to the news release about the free fix, Toshiba agreed to fix my computer for free. I waited a month for the shipping box from Genamation in Toronto. It sat in Ontario for 6 weeks while they waited for a new motherboard. The shipping company delivered it to my residence and left it on the open front porch in the rain. Glad I live in a low crime area!!!! I removed it from it’s soggy box and dried it off. 3 months was worth the wait. It runs better than ever though the battery only lasts 30 minutes now. Fingers crossed that it keeps working.

  82. # mike Says:
    November 21st, 2008 at 2:13 pm

    Has anyone tried the bios update, 3.9 to “fix” the green screen problem? At this point I assume the gpu needs replacement along with the bios update… I was wondering if anyone tried the bios update on it’s own? At this point, I’ll try anything..

    YES, updated BIOS on my G30 as it came out. No problems anymore so far.I think they changed the fan/cooling parms in the updated version. Merry XMAS to you all 🙂 !!!

  83. Fred,
    Did you have the motherboard replaced in your G30? Do you or anyone else know if the motherboard repair (along with the bios update) is successful? Merry Xmas to you too!


  84. Mike,
    i had to replace my Motherboard twice (no repair), see also my other posts here. Just reflashed my machine by myself after the new Bios came out, preventiv! Bios update is straight forward and smooth. Cheers…. FRED

  85. Hi,

    I have a similar problem with the G30-175.
    The monitor just doesn’t come on. I can hear everything else working fine. It’s only 1 year and 8 months old and obviously passed warranty now. What can I do? Please help! I’m in the UK too.


  86. Emmanuel

    for all the sufferings we had for the Qosmio G30 Video related issue this should be dealt in court.

  87. I have faulty G30-116. I paid £600 for repair. It happened in 13 month from purchase, one month after my warranty. They do not want give me refund. Bustards. What to do?

  88. I am in London UK. I had the common problem with the screen described here. I bought the machine in July 07 and had the problem December 08, so it is out of warranty. I called Toshiba tech support and described the problem. They said they were extending the warranty for 1 additional year because of the problem and would fix my machine. Someone from the company that repairs the machines called my and said they would organise pickup and return the machine within 5 business days. DHL picked up my laptop and returned it in 5 days! They installed a new motherboard and bios.

    However, I now have a new problem. every 10 minutes or so the screen goes all screwy. Verticle columns appear and shift a few sentimetres causing overlap so I can’t really read what is on the screen. Ths seems to last about 30 seconds to a minute on average. The strange thing is that if I put the mouse cursor over where this overlaps, it is not affected. It is only the text or videa of whatever application I am using. The desktop is affected too.

    I have not found this problem documented anywhere else yet. I will have to return my computer again and will post once I have a solution from Toshiba.

  89. Eric in Victoria BC

    Same thing happened to me when I had the motherboard repaired. It went away bit by bit the more I used it. Within 2 or 3 days the image defects were gone and it’s been working like new since then (2 months)

  90. tileman4you

    I have a 2007 G-35. I have had the same problems all you described. I have had 2 motherboards repaired. It just broke again last week and Toshiba says they wont do anything about it. This is definitely a class action law suit. Any suggestions on what I can do to get my $2500.00 back?

  91. amine mneimneh

    hey !end of 2006 i baught qosmio g30, a year later i get the matrix lines when i entered a game , couldnt exit .. so i rebooted and got the zero’s while loading .. i tried uninstalling the vga driver and reinstalling and i couldnt fix it . i sent it to the company for check up. i got it back a 3 weeks later . it was ok
    2 days later i get the same prob . sent it back
    it had its warranty. they told me i could change it for the 2007 model and pay a difference .
    and i did that now i was playing world of warcraft and i got the same problem .. we people should do somethin about it
    in my country the g30 costs around 3000$ back in 2007
    wtf …… they sell laptops to get ruined a year after
    is that timed on ur laptop to get ruined so u buy another one ??? can anyone reply ??n tell me what to do

  92. thomas cox

    Yes.. another g30 user with a second blown MB, first also blew just out of warranty(1yr) second MB lasted 13months, i’m gonna have another go with getting a free repair but am not holding my breath, my other very old satellite works like a charm with no complaints (besides crap toshiba HD replaced with a hitachi), shame toshiba didn’t carry on that workmanship with this high end laptop..

  93. Duncan Peacock

    I have another failure on my G30. Exactly the same as before, found it sitting with black screen and the cooling fan running full speed. Total failure to boot now and no Quosmio TV or Music Player either. Apparently the motherboard lasted 14 months this time instead of 13 months for the first one!
    Does anyone have a telephone number for Toshiba in Canada where they have actually received a positive reaction from them and had it repaired free of charge? I seem to be beating my head against a brick wall with them.
    Any help greatly appreciated as I do not intend to throw yet another $1000 of my hard earned money at this heap of junk.

  94. Eric in Victoria BC

    I did contact Toshiba canada customer support in Ontario though I can’t find the number now. The lady I was speaking with arranged for the repair and covered the cost. (3 months out of warranty)

  95. Duncan Peacock

    Apparently there are a manufacturing date series of the G30’s that are accepted as faulty by Toshiba, but mine lays 3 weeks outside that! I am awaiting a call back from someone “higher up” the chain in Customer support (or should I say, Technical Support, as I cannot get a number for Customer Services!)

  96. Simona

    Please check this link from Toshiba:

  97. Hi, I have a toshiba qosmio g25 and about 2 days ago a third of my screen went totally black.. what is strange is that the other 2 thirds work fine… is my LCD gone or is it something else? I’ve tried to go to the bios menu and still that third of the screen stays totaly black as i tought it could be a problem with windos or some kind of a virus but even in the bios menu only 2 thirds on the left hand side work… Need some help please

  98. I would like to know if anyone have Qosmio F30 and get the GPU Repair Program from Toshiba? In the program, it said it is only fos G series

    My Qosmio F 30 is also having the same problem. I have been changing the motherboard twice. It is broken again for the 3rd time. I do not use it for a very long time everyday and do not use heavy program. 3 times happened has the same symptoms as odd green, red, white line and pictures. It couldn’t go to windows via normal mode. If anyone have F series and get the repair program, please relpy.

  99. Stephen

    Hi I’m from Germany and I just want to let you know that I have exactly the same graphic/mb problems with my G30 (188) which was bought end of 2006 in Germany for 1800 €!

    My mb died in june 2008 the first time. It was fixed up (mb changed) by an authrised tech support. 3 days ago the same problem occured! I don’t want the mb changed again if this will not fix the problem permanently!!!

    Has anyone experience with that (new) repair program from Toshiba for G30 series? Do the BIOS upate and a new mb fix the problem???

    Thx for all experiences!

    Best regards from Germany

  100. Hi. Qosmio’s are known to have hardware issues with GPU. We have found this throughout the F and G series. We can repair if your board is out of warranty. Or buy your faulty boards.

  101. Don Hey

    My G30 suffered from a failed video chip about 3 months out of the Toshiba extra year. At first Toshiba were reluctant to listen but when I pointed them to Nvidia admitting a huge financial hit they accepted the G30 for a free MB replacement. A courier called the next day and 2 weeks later was returned at no cost to me. See the link:

  102. Farhan

    I am quite sad to be here in the list of Toshiba Qosmio G30 victims :(.. I bought toshiba qosmio g30-194 in august, 2007 with 3 yrs extended warranty. i had read all the above posts way back in january this year and i knew that i’ll be hving the same problem as well. i was just waiting for it and on the 20th of june, 2009 the green screen finally appreared.. today, i am going to get back my qosmio after MB replacement but as you all have experience, i am sure that i will also suffer again..

    just wanted to ask one thing.. can we all (G30 victims) make an impact on toshiba to persuade them to either return our money or give us any other model (no qosmio anymore) like satellite etc. plz give suggestions..

    tht would be a non-sense act to go for MB replacements again and again if the problem still exists in their models.. there is no use of replacing it.. by replacing it, you are just passing on the warranty time and after that, you will hv to pay for this bulky machine..

    plz give suggestions

  103. Hi folks,
    I have a Qosmio F30 since jan.2007. April 2009 this year the GPU went down. I tried eveything nothing helps.
    Mainboards are expensive so what to do. Throw it away?
    Can I repaire it by myself? Placing a new graphics processor?
    Where do i get these things.
    Goodluck with your Qosmio’s. A fine name for a rotten product. Thanks Toshiba.

  104. Hi to all,

    sorry for my English but I have so bad experience with Toshiba custome care that I like to share it with you.

    I bought Qosmio G30-126 in Czech Republic for very high money at June 2007. It start to be bad with Photoshop – and also Word, some strips over. I tryied everythin, drivers from Toshiba and later on also from NVidia. It was strange that they put in Vista 32-b but the driver from Nvidia (7600 Go) was on the web only for XP. When it came for Vista it was as another driver name(7650GS). but this one was working much better that Toshiba one.
    The last summer they did diagnostic and found nothing wrong with my laptot. They told “it is normal”. Hm, so I was seating before it and waiting and waiting during processing. Everything was to slow, collapsing… My work was gone many times. I was truly angry.
    I contacted not only Toshiba service (CHG Toshiba Brno) but also one of highest managers here in Czech Republic. He told me drive to Prague (200 km) or Hradec Kralove (120 km) there are two others services. But I was 3 days before trip for half year on opposite side of the World. So nothing happen about customer who have warranty (My fault that I bought it).

    When I found the ling about Toshiba replacement named Product Update: Toshiba Qosmio G30 BIOS Update and GPU Repair Program
    I sent to them link. The service is located in Brno and to this manager. From service came message that I can come and they will do diagnostic again. My answer was: What will you find now? Have you different program for this diagnostic?
    Not answer from the manager…

    I don’t think I will accept a replacement only after cause as this. I like to obtain money return and payment for expert who will prepare report. They can be happy that I will not claim my harms!

    I know about Sony laptops case – Sony Vaio. Bad luck I am not US. I was harmed in Europe and at last the notebook collapsed totally when were changing some parts in service. 3 times RAM did short cut to motherboard and display (when they put in to new ones). I put this one in rubbish…

    I think customers like to buy running machines. If it is not running the producer have to be responsible for it and not to wait when customer will buy other one and will have inaf of strageling with producer…

    If you are selling milk you have to sell milk. If you will sell only water people will change your trade mark very soon.


  105. Administrator of Toshiba forum at is blocking my answer on Toshiba forum 😀 Yesterday I gave there also link to this article and wrote my experience to answer. I think some of theses answers are from “Toshiba boys”. If you will monitore threads which were a time ago, suggestions as reinstaling drivers or Bios were truly not very effective to solve Qosmio G-30 troubles. They stopped me one year ago as well. I has two accounts at Toshiba because I forgot first registration username when I was puting in the warranty.

    What I don’t understand is this. I fyou arrange account at Toshiba web you have there also written your model and serial number. You also have selection if you like to obtain mailing list – info – about actualizations for your computer. I never obtain something as this!!! Only advertisement about new products, cha…

    IS IT FAIR CUSTOMER CARE? I think they are just “clever”…

    Truly, not any more Toshiba again!!!!


  106. I am a victim of G30 Toshiba. I am unable to fix the Green screen problems and I lost my hard earned money with this idiot Toshiba. Please don’t buy Toshiba

  107. I can’t find the “My Toshiba” icon and the “activate Warranty”. Where are these icons/addresses/whatever?


  108. Laptop Freak


    I can’t find the “My Toshiba” icon and the “activate Warranty”. Where are these icons/addresses/whatever?


  109. damn! its my second time with this green screen problem hope there is a solution to this problem. Other than replacing and replacing the motherboards hope Toshiba will Fix it soon mine is not in warranty 🙁

  110. I suffered the same issue twice. I bought the sucky stuff on Nov. 2006. It broken up after 1 year warrenty, I spent $500 dollars to replace the motherboard. It works only 14 monthes, it broken again. What I decided is to thrown it away, ant told every people I know to never trust Toshiba product.

  111. While surfing discussion boards for a solution, I stumbled upon a comment about the Toshiba Repair Program for G35-AV650, AV660 and AV670 models. Check it out at

    I called Toshiba Support (1-800-457-7777) to get my AV650 fixed, but after some conversation, the rep said they wouldn’t fix it for free because the second year of automatic warranty for this problem had lapsed.

    So I called the closest Toshiba Authorized Service Provider (150 miles away) January 2010 and asked them about the problem. The person answering the phone put me through to Eric, the technician, who knew exactly what the problem was. (He said that Toshiba notified it’s Service Provider partners (his shop), but not customers, and that if they came across this issue they were authorized to replace the mother board with its graphics chipset at no cost to the customer.) Eric said that Toshiba probably wasn’t honoring that anymore and I would have to pay about $790 plus labor for a new mother board (the earlier chipset is in material that overheats and fries the chipset), but that he’d ask his Toshiba rep about it.

    He called me back the next day saying that, owing to increased and continuing customer complaints, Toshiba authorized him to fix it for free. I simply UPS-ed it to him in Modesto, CA, and Eric did the rest.

    I thought about calling Toshiba Support back and, with Eric’s info, arguing with them to fix it, but since Eric went out of his way and he knew about the problem and how to fix it, I just shipped it to him to fix. Contact him at enugent at

    One week later I have my machine back with a chipset that’s less likely to get fried. WONDERFUL ! Thanks, Eric!

  112. thirteen months and tough luck for me. as paperweight, sitting in a drawer for over a year

  113. laptop repair

    Graphics on gaming laptops are a big problem. A white screen that turns green is generally a motherboard issue. Get it fixed. mate.

  114. I have a Qosmio F30 and have just experienced green horizontal lines on boot up and vertical lines in groups of 4 in the back ground.( Red )I also have a problem on startup with the screen staying black, I have to swithch it on with F5 key. Otherwise its seems to work! Could this be a programing problem or is is it MB failure which seems common with the Qosmios? Not a good advert for Toshiba!

  115. Hi
    Maybe its possible to repair MB. I have f30 with green lines all over screen. Lines were red at first. New MB is 800 € so its not an option. Once problem disappeared and it lasted for a whole one day. Graphic were fine with no red or green stripes. So maybe its not a big problem and it can be fixed.

  116. Laptop Freak


    Maybe its possible to repair MB. I have f30 with green lines all over screen. Lines were red at first. New MB is 800 € so its not an option. Once problem disappeared and it lasted for a whole one day. Graphic were fine with no red or green stripes. So maybe its not a big problem and it can be fixed.

    If you have nothing to lose, you can try this method:
    Baking the motherboard in an conventional over will reflow the VGA chip. This might work.
    Do it only as last resort repair. It worked for me.

  117. Laptop Repair Southall

    The green screen is quite a common problem to be honest. It happens on many HP DV models and it comes down to graphics being weak. If you see a shed load of them on ebay then you know that model has problems.

  118. Luke001

    I too had the same problem with my Qosmio, green distortion on LCD and also same image on external monitor. Otherwise the laptop behaved normally. Replacement motherboard was nearly as much as a new laptop so was glad when I came across these guys:

    They repaired my motherboard’s video chip and at the same time serviced the cooling fans so the problem does not recur. Now it works great! Saved me a fortune. Hope this helps.

  119. Saurabh Azad


    I have Toshiba Qosmio G -30 series Laptop.

    Same problem as all other. The GPU has stopped working. Tried with external monitor also, same thing. This is the 3rd time this is happening.

    Last 2 times got it repaired. The Toshiba guys just suggest a Motherboard replacement which is approx $1000 USD.

    In INDIA, they have a very shitty Customer service, take the customers for granted.

    I am trying to get the GPU : nVIDIA GeForce GF-Go7600-N-A2 G73M GPU BGA Chipset , replaced.

    In E-bay some are selling a RE-FURBISHED ones and some new ones. NEVER HEARD OF A CHIP GETTING RE_FURBISHED.

    Can anyone help me please? will the replacement work and what is a RE-FURBISHED chip? will that work? Does anyone know any service center etc in INDIA who can do a good job on this?

    Please help.


  120. Problem is in gpu memory. If you are not buying new motherboard this are your options:
    You can give someone to braze gpu memory with soldering iron (better then putting mb in stove). I ve done that and it worked for one day -). If memory gets hot it come off again.
    Second is to replace gpu ram. Its done with infrared peashooter i think and it isnt expensive. You can found modules on e bay or soo.

  121. movonup

    I too have had my video card and mother board fail with the same problems as everyone else. I have a G35-AV660. Toshiba was horrible to deal with. They were rude, and were not helpful with getting my $2000.00 paper weight repaired. After one year with a “Generic” (that is how my computer identifies the video card) it is failing again. BTW, Toshiba would not, and absolutey refused to insure the latest video card.

    I would like to ask anyone with knowledge on how to build a website help this cause. I did not realise so many people got screwed. We need a mass campaign. ANYONE!!!
    I have so much more to say about my experience, more details about Toshiba’s atrocious customer service. I’m begging for some kind of justice…How about you?

  122. I just read the last 121 complaints about toshiba.
    My G30 crashed today … Same symptoms as everyone else… I loaded uo Sims in hot weather and the box overheated.
    almost no wear and use in the last 3 yeras and now I,m buying a MAC.
    Anyone want an expensive lump of hot metal that Toshiba call cutting edge !

  123. Well a friend of mine has one of these and upon my returning from interstate I have discovered that during his three year warranty (extended),Toshiba replaced the PCB twice. But when it inevitably failed yet again soon after the end of that warranty period it has just sat there.

    He was not notified by Toshiba about the GPU program, so had no way of knowing about it, or taking advantage of it.

    I have spoken to Toshiba, and the response was unacceptable, basically they said that he should have said something back then. Because he didn’t, they choose to view the notebook as been working ever since that time.

    I checked the price of a new PCB and it is something in the order of $473AU, and having no idea if this design fault was ever rectified on subsequent PCBs, not worth taking the risk.

    What a joke!

    This is one desktop technician that will never steer anyone to a Toshiba product.


  124. Bill Raim

    Got a G30 from Craigslist. It had the green stripe problem.
    Paid $100 to have the video chip reflowed/reballed.
    Updated the bios to 3.9 (the video fan now revs on and off constantly).
    So far the thing is holding up.

    At the time the Nvidia chip was mounted, they used a leadless solder which has a lower melting point than the previous solder. The heat of the video chip can cause the solder to separate.
    reflow/reball by a local technician only means he heats it up to reconnect the pins, they don’t really re-ball (the factory method to seat the chip).
    Most technicians are willing to do the reball and if it fails don’t charge, but if successfull will charge $100-150.