Toshiba Satellite A135 will not start

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A135-S2266. I will not start up. When i push the power button the little light above it comes on. The CD/DVD drive will run and the fan will too. But nothing will come up on the screen. I have used an external screen and nothing has happened. I have switched the RAM with good ones and nothing. I have taken the battery out and tried AC power and nothing. I do not have a hard drive in it but thought it should boot to the BIOS but it dose not. Do you need a hard drive for it to boot? I have had one other Toshiba that had a bad motherboard in it but i got lucky and got it fixed for free. Can you help me?

You don’t need the hard drive in order to start the laptop and boot it with video on internal or external screen. Normally you can get into the BIOS even without hard drive.
All you need is motherboard, processor and memory. If one of these parts is bad, the laptop will not start.
It looks like you have a problem with the motherboard or CPU. Most likely it’s bad motherboard because CPU failures are not common.

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  1. I have a Toshiba M105-s3074 and it has worked fine since new. The other day the computer started and would not go past the TOSHIBA orange colored start-up screen with the F2 & F12 prompts. After the TOSHIBA screen appears for about 10 seconds, it then goes dark and starts constant non-stop beeping. Like: beep, beep, beep, beeep ………and does not stop beeping even if you keep the laptop on. You can press the power key and then it shuts down instantly. I tried taking out the memory cards in each slot. They were recently upgraded about 8 months ago. They are new and never handled and I swapped them between the ports and also tried starting the machine one at a time. No luck either way. I do not have a bootable CD and don’t know if that would help. I see and hear the CD make it’s regular start-up noice when the laptop is turned on and I also see the HDD light blink a few times when it first starts up. Seems like it is not getting to the part where the OS would kick in and boot up the laptop. What do you suggest? The battery is fully charged and I tried it with the battery only, the AC charger only and both. Does not make a difference whether Battery powered only or AC powered. Same continual beeping noise and dark screen. Oh, when I press F2 or F12 at start-up, that also does nothing. Laptop has always worked fine and now it won’t boot up. Please share some ideas for me to try. Thanks!

  2. I have the PSLE8U 02P0ID – 2 1/2 years old. $599.00. Same problem as many below have described -it just stopped working 2 days ago. Best Buy confirmed motherboard is bad. After 2 hours trying to get in to a PERSON at Toshiba I called 1-800-438-3910 and asked to speak to a Case Manager. She claims motherboard issues are rare – and therefor Toshiba won’t do anything for me. Said my warranty expired sooo looong ago they can’t possibly bend policy. Unless Toshiba is convinced the motherboards are bad they will not offer anything to anyone out of warranty. Call that number please , ask for a Case Manager and get a case number. They apparently are selling disposable computers and hiding behind warrenty expiration. I’ll try the the suggestions I’ve seen from comments below and update as to whether I’ve gotten the computer to work again.

  3. Same unit and issue as above A135-S4467 model. Have found just recently that if I run the computer on ac adaptor alone, minus the battery problem of black screen does not appear (so far anyway).

    My take on this so far- Problem seems related to the the unit’s ability or inability to come of hibernation or sleep mode once left idiling, which seem to also somehow be related to the battery and or a glitch in the operating system to reconginze each.

    So far when I have taken the batery out of the equation it somehow helps this cause and allows the computer to start normally on ac power alone.

  4. alexandar

    Hello I have a Toshiba Satellite A135-s4427. the battery for my laptop but as soon as the AC adpter Now we are off and my screen is black … I need a quick response. advance grateful

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