Toshiba Satellite cannot read recovery DVD

I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop. I’m trying to recover it using the recovery DVD that came with the computer. I followed the instructions on the DVD case: popped in the DVD, shut down the computer, powered up the computer while pressing F12. I see the screen with 4 options and I chose CD/DVD. The instructions says the computer should reboot from the DVD after picking this option, but I only see a black screen. The DVD is attempting to be read but nothing happens at all. I repeated the process several times, but I get the same thing. Can you help please?

You are doing everything correctly and it should work.
Try cleaning the recovery DVD disc with a soft cloth, maybe the disc is dirty. Also, try cleaning the CD/DVD drive laser with alcohol wipe, maybe the laser is not clean.
Is the laptop still bootable into Windows? Can you see the CD/DVD drive in My Computer? Does your CD/DVD drive read CDs and DVDs?
What is your reason for reimaging the hard drive?
Here’s what you can try to narrow down the problem. Try booting the laptop from another bootable disc. You can use generic Windows OS CD, live Linux CD (Knoppix for example), ultimate boot CD or any other bootable CD/DVD.
If the laptop boots from other discs but not from the Toshiba recovery disc, apparently the recovery disc is not good and has to be replaced.
If the laptop cannot boot from any bootable disc then most likely you have a problem with the CD/DVD drive.

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  1. toshiba m65 with bad combo-drive, i’m trying to wipe it and restore. How do I use external drive to run the restore disc ?

    THANX !

  2. freddy

    My toshiba labtop may have had a virus or hacker into it or it
    May have been caused by java update. Whatever is going on, it acts
    Like windows is going to load then comes to a black screen.
    A minute later a coursor pops up. I loaded recovery cd in and
    It wouldn’t read it. I managed to get it to read it twice, but
    Both options got me nowhere. Thought I heard toshiba submitted a
    Bunk, stock recovery disk and that a true one that wks needs to
    Be ordered. Is this true?? Help! Black screen of death. Cant
    Get recovery cd to wk

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