Battery lasts 5 minutes when unplugged

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I have a Toshiba M115-S3154 laptop and it’s about a year and a half old. For a while, I never turned my laptop off and always left it charging so the battery only lasts max 5 minutes now when the laptop is unplugged. Today, I unplugged it from the wall and my laptop immediately turned off. It wouldn’t turn back on until I plugged it back into the wall outlet. Is there any way to fix this myself? Or, do I have to bring it in to get it looked at? I would appreciate any sort of help!

First of all, try updating the laptop BIOS to the latest version, at this time it’s version 1.50 released on 03-15-2007.
I just checked the BIOS change history for your laptop and in the latest version there is this fix:
Quote: “The pre-charge current was changed from 128mA to 256mA to correct rare occurrences of battery recharge failures.
This could be related to your problem. Download the latest BIOS version from the Toshiba website and install it on your laptop. This can help to fix it.
If updating the BIOS doesn’t help, apparently you’ll have to replace the battery pack.

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  1. I have a toshiba m115 s1061 satellite laptop.
    out of the blue it stopped working properly, I tried to look in the help and support section and it tells me the system is not running and to start the service named “help and support”. I also found that I can’t do a system restore because it says to restart the computer and that turns into a big circle. What am I missing on the help and support section?

  2. The IDENTICAL thing happened to mine. Same M115-S1061 laptop. It worked one day, the not the next. You get the Windows XP start screen, it hangs. So I FDisk-ed and formatted it to wipe it clean. I ran diagnostics on both the hard drive and the memory for >48 Hours. Zero problems. I reinstalled Windows, and the entire installation takes. Then it doesn’t boot into Windows .. STILL. Screw this. I wipe it again and try Ubuntu. Same deal. No boot. Wipe it again and try WinXP again. Ah wait, sometimes it will boot in ‘Force VGA’ mode, but usually not. Updated the BIOS. Boots fine into DOS (FAT32 + WIN 98). It’s about ready for the dumpster. Pretty new, but not EVEN working.

  3. Here’s a simple solution to your battery issues if all else fails, and trust me on this it works. Take the battery out of your laptop place in a ziplock freezer
    bag suck all of the air out and seal tightly. Place
    bag/battery in your freezer for a minimum of 24 hours.
    Remove bag/battery from freezer and let the battery
    warm to room temp while still in the bag, usually about
    4 to 5 hours. place the battery back into your laptop
    and plug laptop in to wall power. Allow the battery to recharge as per manufacturers recommendations for recharging a new battery………It’s solved several
    of my battery issues over the years

  4. Christo

    Toshiba – totally sucks computers, read about timing bomb, really interesting information

  5. Got two of them in broken condition – both has been stop do recharging own battery. 20-25 sec it’s charging after that it start blinking on the front panel with funny noise from the back of laptop. Tried to replaced power jack and battery – no luck. No more Toshiba ever!

  6. I have an HP Pavillion dv6000 and my laptop is taking forever to charge! Every 5-10 minutes, it charges only 1-3%, I am not sure what is wrong with it. Also, my laptop says that I have a good amount of charge left and then when I unplug it, after about 20 minutes, it shuts off (and it still said that it had some battery remaining). What is wrong with my laptop? Is it because it is overheating?

  7. Gary Jenkins

    Hi, I have philips freevent x56 laptop.

    The battery/charge indicator is flashing quickly between green and orange when adapter is plugged.

    I have bought a new battery and installed it but same problem occuring and will not charge/switch on.(laptop has never worked through mains only, must have working battery installed)

    Do you have any idea what this could mean??

  8. I have a Fujitsu Siemens Esprimo Mobile and for the past two weeks its constantly plugged in to the AC supply. The second the AC is plugged out the Laptop powers off. Its doesn’t shut down, just off straight away even though the battery shows 100% charged. Previous to this it worked fine and i would charge it and get about 40mins from battery life. Anyone have any ideas?

  9. Jim Butler

    Boy! Here’s a problem I’ll bet you never heard before.
    My hp dragon does not last long on batterys because its huge
    This is normal so I carry a couple of extra batteries if I go out say…in the park and watch a movie. (in the fresh air)
    When its low, I shut it down and switch batteries. Here’s the
    problem. It often does not boot back up unless I do a system
    restore from the boot level. It’s the microsoft restore. vista
    ultimate. Actually, my aim is not to fix this, but when I try
    to do a restore. It requires me to have the brick plugged into the wall to do a restore. I fully realise why ‘they’ put this requirement in, but try doing that in a park etc. If I ‘know’ that the new battery is full and therefore there is no danger of it going dead during a system restore then….I don’t need to be protected from myself. Is there any way to change the regestry etc to get around this problem? This frequent failure to reboot is too complicated a problem to fix and I dont mind using the restore, but I don’t want to lug
    around a UPS. thanks

  10. hi all , and thx a lot for your efforts …mmm , my battery was
    corrupted by abuse , coz i was plug the adapter while the battery was in the lap …so it continued 5 months only , but now i don’t now what can i do with it ?? i have to remove it and get a new one?? or i can recycle it or replace it by a new one ” coz i found on it that it ‘recycled’ “