Touchpad Toshiba stopped working

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I had a few customers bringing their Toshiba laptops for repair with exactly the same problem. The touchpad stopped working without any reason. The laptop is working just fine with an external USB mouse but the touchpad is dead.

Solution? Most likely the touchpad was disabled somehow. On Toshiba laptops you can enable or disable the touchpad with Fn+F9 shortcut on the keyboard.

Hold down the Fn key and at the same time press once on the F9 key. This will enable the touch pad.

Does it help?

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  1. Thank you!!!!! i’ve looked everywhere on how to fix this and nothing helped me! But this finaly did! thank you!

  2. YES! Thank you! You’d think they’d put a reference to this in the owner’s manual under “Using the Touchpad” rather than just in the hotkeys listings.

  3. Thank you so much! My 2-yr old son was “typing” and managed to disable the touchpad. I figured he had broken it and I was going to have to replace it.

  4. Marhesha

    I have a dell innspiron 1525 and i also have windows 7. My laptop touchpad keeps freezing the a window pops up about something called caret browsing then when i touch the touchpad it starts typing random letters! I have to restart my computer again to stop it and i happens very often!!!

  5. Laptop Freak


    I have a dell inspiron 1525 and i also have windows 7. My laptop touchpad keeps freezing the a window pops up about something called caret browsing then when i touch the touchpad it starts typing random letters! I have to restart my computer again to stop it and i happens very often!!!

    Not sure what’s going on. Try disabling caret browsing:

    I guess it’s possible that you have a faulty keyboard. Maybe one of the keys is stuck and because of that it types letters on its own.
    Here’s what you can try. Disconnect internal keyboard from the motherboard and start your laptop with an external USB keyboard. Will it type on its own when the internal keyboard is disconnected?

  6. I can use my touchpad to move around a page but the “tap to click” option isn’t working. I’ve already checked and it is enabled. It wouldn’t bother me except everytime I use the the buttons below the touchpad to click something it tries to highlight everything on the page or scroll down if I move the cursor around. Anything else I can do to make tap to click work again?

  7. Thanks for the solution. The Fn + F9 worked & the pad was free & I can better use my Toshiba laptop.

  8. CJ Jacob

    I hav a satellite toshiba u500, with windows 7 OS – same problem the keys are too sensitive, it jumps leaps or just go somewhere i dont like – i tried the FN – F9 key, it is not responding…

    Please advise


  9. raslu

    much thanks

  10. Elexis

    thank you very much! My touchpad is finally working! I’ve tried every solution I can find over the net. I thought I have to replace some parts in my toshiba laptop. You’re a heaven sent! Thank you again and more power!

  11. clayton

    i tried that on my 6week old protege a600 toshiba notebook, and did didnt work – not happy – mine just stopped. was fine in morning logged off and on restart no mouse. plug and play usb mouse works. unit doesnt seem to have a mouse driver now, have attempted to load one but no luck

    not happy – anyone got a clue??………or an idea of what the correct driver needs to be??


  12. david chapman

    I cannot utilize the 2 finger scroll on my emachines notebook. How do i turn it on? I just resztored my computer to factory settings.

  13. Sloan

    Help! I have an Hp laptop and when I have headphones plugged in the touchpad at the top doesnt work. How do i fix this??

  14. I got on my L505D-S5983 Toshiba laptop and my touch-pad and all my buttons don’t work,only the power button. i am typing this with a mouse and the online keyboard. Please help.

  15. Please help! I need instructions to remove/replace touchpad circuit board from palmrest so I can place it on the new palmrest.
    I already disassembled everything except the circuit board. It seems like it’s been glued somehow.
    I’ll really appreciate if you can suggest anything.

    Thank you

  16. SOS!
    I have my Toshiba satellite L305D disassembled to replace touchpad. How can I safely remove the touchpad circuit board that is glued to palmrest. I just need to remove the board and put it on the new palmrest I bought. Please help!

  17. I have an Elitebook 2530p and whenever I close the laptop and then come back and open it later, it “locks.” When it does this, the mouse doesn’t work and whenever I touch the mouse pad, it makes a loud ringing noise. The only way I have found to make it work again is to take the battery out and restart the whole computer. Do you know what is wrong? Do I have to turn off the computer everytime I close it?

  18. many many thanks mate!
    appreciate this!

  19. i have a toshiba satellite a200-1a9. i had to reformat recently due to virus and ever since then the scroll function on my touchpad does not work. i have checked the driver and it says its up to date and correct but will still not work. please help

  20. thanks in a million, you are a life saver, i have had this problem for almost two years now, so i ve been using usb mouse till i came to this page..thanks i really appreciate this.

  21. Cindy Brubaker

    My cat sat on my laptop and I knew he disabled the touchpad somehow, thank you sooooo much for the advice it worked right away, could not find any help in the laptop’s help section.

  22. Thank You
    Worked like a charm

  23. I tried this with my toshiba nb200 but it didn’t work. the touchpad was deactivated by the fn + F9 and can’t put it back anymore. beside the drop down list for fn key does not appear anymore but other fn key such as F6 & F7 still work.

  24. Yea it did! Thank you so much! I’ve tried everything else and was on the verge of taking it to the shop.

  25. Thank you! Nowhere else does it give this information. Thank you!

  26. George R. Wilkes


    My right-click button on my Toshiba laptop stopped working today. I tried the Fn-F9 approach, and when I tested it again within a few minutes of that time, it worked!


    — George

  27. Ali khan

    Thanks v much.. it works v well.. again thanks alot

  28. Clint PD

    I hope this is the right place to post this.
    I have a Toshiba Sat. L505D that is maybe 3 years old. The other night my 2 year old son slammed the lid shut and it immediately started making a strange humming sound. I powered it down and upon restart the keyboard and touch pad no longer work. I tried plugging in a usb mouse and neither port is working. Upon start up it suggests doing system restore and because I cannot change the option, it continues. After loading the files I get the blue screen that says they BIOS is not ACPI compliant. After doing some searching, I read that this is not a valid error. If I remove one of the sticks of RAM and reboot, the keyboard, touch pad and usb ports are still not working but it does not blue screen after the system restore. It suggests going back to a date when the computer was working but because I have no touch pad/mouse, I cannot. However, the keyboard does work at the very beginning of the startup. I can hit f2 to enter the bios but once in the bios, the keyboard no longer works. Also if I hit capslock or numlock at the very start, the lights come on but after the laptop starts to boot up, nothing works. I tried inserting a recovery disc but because the arrow keys don’t work, I cannot select the boot from disc option. Please help me. I have no clue what to do!

  29. Clint-I have the same Toshiba and mine was working fine then 45 minutes later mine is doing the same thing yours is. Trying to figure out what is going on as well.

  30. Clint PD

    Update: Still having the same problem. I thought maybe the hard drive was damaged. Swapped out the hd and still same thing happened. I’m beginning to think the its the board. If/when I find out the issue, I will post back to help anyone who may have the same issue(s).

  31. Nitika

    Thanks for helping me out.I was so tensed about what to do after my touchpad stopped working.

  32. Carlee

    Thank you so much. I did the Fn + F9 press then my touch pad starting working again. I’ve had this laptop for almost a yearbow and I didnt know I can disable the touch pad. Maybe I did disable it accidentally. LOL.. Thank you so much for the help!!

  33. binay

    i hav my toshiba satellite. Touchpad of my laptop doesnt work, i can move my touchpad up and down but i cant click it. please help me with this problem.

  34. Hilary

    Thank you so much! I was afraid I’d lost functionality because of a piece of software I downloaded. I even went back to a previous restore point just to be safe, but the functionality did not come back. Your tip worked perfectly! Another great blog that will go on my bookmarks list.

  35. OMG! thank you so much!! tried everything, such a simple easy fix, thanks again!!

  36. Shawn Hawkins

    This did not help. My fn key works for everything but F9. I have checked to see if the settings have it disabled, nope. I know that there is a setting for if you have a USB mouse to disable the touchpad when you plug it in. That is not the issue, I don’t have a usb mouse. It just stopped working. I have since then installed a USB mouse so that I can use my laptop and I reinstalled the drivers, updated the drivers, did just about everything. I would like to know where I can inspect the key mapping, maybe that is what is wrong, but I don’t know. Please help.

  37. Lason

    I did this & IT WORKED!!! Sweet mother of Mary, dude, you are a SAINT. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, because I was FLAMING MAD over here!!!! Thank you again.

  38. Christine

    My toshbia seattile L305-S5955 touchpad stop working and tried FN and F9
    and it’s enable but still the touchpad doesn’t work help plz tires if using
    The mouse I put in my USB port

  39. THANK YOU!! You saved my cat! He slept on the laptop keyboard and then the touchpad didn’t work, he was headed for the chopping block when my husband got home! LOL! Thanks a million!

  40. Hi I have same problem on fujitsu siemens can you give the keys for that please.

  41. Michael

    thanks i eas ready to take it for repear

  42. Thanks a lot, it works what exactly you mentioned.

  43. I’m not sure if I’m doing this right, but anyway you said to push fn button while I’m pressing the f9 button to get my touchpad back on. Well, it didn’t work and it just stopped working for no apparent reason. I didn’t even go into anything that would even remotely make it quit working, please respond. Thank you

  44. GD-Bigrat

    My Toshiba Satellite M305-S4910 has a touchpad that has driven ME to the EDGE of playing FRIZZBEE with the laptop. Finally, the thing died (after upgrading, elimating, downloading, etc., again, and again, and again. Enough; got a wireless mouse (got rid of the damned Synaptics drivers) and have happily moved on with computing. Problems solved.
    Oh, I replace the hard drive 5400rpm with a 180Gb SSD drive, and a 2TB external for expansion/backup/bootable needs. Now, I’m really happy.