Volume turned up but sound output is low

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A couple of days ago when I turned my laptop on the sound is there on the internal speakers but is very low. The sound used to blow you out. The volume is turned all the way up on front of laptop-little wheel. Under control panel advanced audio controls all volume turned up to max with no mutes. Under device manager Realtek is operating properly. I even used the restore CD to reinstall Realtek. Windows says latest version of Realtek AC97 is already on my computer. I can hookup external speakers and they are loud enough to hear great, but even at max volume it doesn’t blow you away. Help! Not under warranty any longer.

Did you check the wave settings in the advanced audio control window? The wave slider should be on the right side from the play control, try turning it up.I just tested it on my desktop. Even with the volume turned all the way up on both my external speakers and in sound properties, but the wave slider set to almost minimum, my sound output was very low. Check the wave settings on your computer.

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  1. Xiayue

    hello…uhmm…my loptop wouldn’t sound, i tried going to the Control Panel but the volume is full…then why wouldn’t it sound?????? thats my only question plzz..help me!!! thanks!!!! i hope u could answer my question!!!!

  2. Zoltan Hubert

    There is a Fujitsu Siemens Laptop in front of me and I just cant turn off its own inside speakers.

    It has a built in Realtek Sound Device (Internal High Definition Audio Bus). It works fine. Thats no problem. I Just cant understand, why Im not able to turn the speakers sound off. (Even if I use my headset, the speakers are working and the devices manager shows me every time, if I plug in or out a jack connector) I checked the settings of the sound devices in its own Realtek HD Audio Manager and in the Sound Control panel of Windows XP, but there is nothing to do anything with the speakers volume. I can mute the speakers from the keyboard, but then the master sound is muted as well. So, thats for the master volume slider, and so its not an option.

    What else can I try?

  3. I have sort of the same problem with my Gateway m-6834 Notebook. A friend tried plugging the laptop into an audio mixer using the headphone jack but after nothing happened (trying output and input on the mixer side) took it out of the headphone jack. However, now we have no sound at all on our computer. We have internal speakers but they aren’t working. We connected external speakers and headphones to the headphone jack and nothing. All volumes are up to 100 (or 50, which is the max with Windows Vista Home Premium). We reinstalled the Sigma Tel Audio and updated the driver, still nothing. Is there a way to look at the internal speaker connection inside the computer to see if something got messed up, or to see if a circuit is damaged or something? I believe the soundcard is on the motherboard and not a seperate internal sound card (though I was wondering if you knew whether or not I could install a 2nd internal sound card since the original one is connected to the motherboard). Thanks for reading and I hope you post this, otherwise maybe contact me by email? Thanks again.

  4. Hello I know Creative makes some usb audio cards I own one it works great.

  5. I own a dell inspiron 6000. It is out of warranty. Called Dell the ran the test and said that I need to repalce the internal speakers. I read where it maight possible be a shortage in the connection because if i insert the headphones at a certain angle I can hear sound out of the internal speakers. Should I go ahead and purchase new speakers or get connection tested?

  6. Hi, i was replacing a broken fan in a Toshiba Satellite M115 laptop and when pulling out the motherboard I accidentally snapped the volume wheel off. And to make things worse the volume was turned all the way down before it broke off. I tried super glue but it just wont hold, it breaks off again wen i try to snap the motherboard back in. Is there anything i can do?

  7. I have Fujitsue Siemens ESPIRMO Mobile Laptop.I have recently formatted it and re-installed windows xp but I have problem with my sound.I can hear only noisy sound,if I play music,I can understand it but quality of sound is bad.My head phones are OK and When I use my head phones,only noisy sound comes into one side of head phone,no voice on other side.Moreover,if use skype for voice talk,I can hear voice of other party but my voice doesnt pass on to other party.Though I have reinstalled Realtek sound cards and even OS XP,but no improvement at all.Please help me find solution to this noisy bad quality sound of my laptop.I want to use skype and that I also cant use.

    I appreciate your help and cooperation


  8. hi, i have presario C700 COMPAQ LAPTOP,
    the problem is, wenever i use my ear phones, the voice is still on the laptop speakers and the earphones, both

  9. I have realtek high definiton audio speakers and they used to be really loud and clear, now they aren’t loud and the sound is good, but not as good as it used to be. I have an Acer Aspire 5610Z.

  10. I have a samsung R510 laptop. the past few days when i’ve turned it on there has been a woman’s voice from ‘dance channel tv’ that I have not downloaded on to my laptop. Its like a radio channel thing and I can’t find out where to turn it off or delete it off my computer. I have to turn the volume down now all the time. There are no icons or anything to make me think that it has been downloaded. Any suggestions how to make this go away?!

  11. Sheena Stepp

    I have a Fujitsu N6200 Notebook & all of a sudden my parts of my sound are not working–like no bass & if I play a DVD or ITUNES I only hear the background. For example the lead singer sounds extremely far away–you can barely hear that person but the background is very clear & loud w/out the bass. If I play a DVD I can barely hear the people talking but I can hear all the background noises. Please help!

  12. acfryx


    I already have that problem but a week later the sound went completely off. One thing I found is that if heat up the computer it sometimes starts to work (by holding the computer on your legs for example). What could be the problem? Any ideas?

    Thx in advance…

  13. Chelsea

    Hello, I just recently turned my dell inspiron on, and went to turn up the volume and the volume matches the speaker level for just a second, then sinks down to no sound autimatically. I can’t get it to stay at any volume, it keeps sinking down.

  14. i just bought a toshiba satellite laptop a505-s6960 3 months ago then i notice the volume of speaker in the left side is lower than the right side. tried playing movies, music, and video streaming all came out the same problem. i tried adjusting speaker properties, balance, sound expander and bass. all still came out the same problem. please help me.

  15. Laptop Freak


    i just bought a toshiba satellite laptop a505-s6960 3 months ago then i notice the volume of speaker in the left side is lower than the right side. tried playing movies, music, and video streaming all came out the same problem. i tried adjusting speaker properties, balance, sound expander and bass. all still came out the same problem. please help me.

    Test your laptop with headphones. If the volume of the left channel is lower than right channel, it’s either wrong settings or there is a problem with the sound card.
    If both channels in the headphones work properly, apparently the left speaker is bad.

  16. my laptop speakers arnt as loud as they used to be. i already tried all of the obove. i have a compaq series pp2140

  17. james kumag

    guys i have d’same prob to. !!
    ii format a panasonic CF-Y2
    all audio are install but the soung is too low !even in headphone !! any help guys???
    send me the solution .
    tnx guys!!

  18. Laptop Freak

    @ james kumag,

    ii format a panasonic CF-Y2
    all audio are install but the soung is too low !even in headphone !

    Make sure the correct audio drivers installed.
    Check audio volume. There could be a few controls:
    – audio settings in the control panel.
    – audio volume though keyboard shortcut.
    – physical volume control on the laptop case.

  19. I own a Dell Inspiron 1505, about 6 years old,and very reliable except for this issue. After a reboot, sound from the right channel refuses to come on. All settings in the Control Panel are properly adjusted. The only workaround I’ve found is to go into the Sound Properties and crank up the Main Volume and Wave Volume sliders to maximum, which seems to “force” the right channel to finally put out sound. This problem doesn’t occur when I use headphones; both channels always work with my ‘phones. Any help?


  20. I got a sound level problem with my laptop C.Presario C700. Now is done:
    Try to go to Advance settings in Speaker properties. Change the bit depth of the audio (increase it). Some programs or games will change these setings and not put them back on default when quiting. Hope i helped some of you.

  21. Bev H'Worth

    OK…my computer tech had a hard time figuring out why the VOLUME on my Toshiba laptop failed to change when all the settings were correct. Somehow (I think someone he called told him what to do) he discovered a small wheel under the silver edge … front of computer … at the right of two holes. Turn the wheel and the volume will return!!!!

    Simple yet frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. lokesh

    i have a problem,my external speaker are working but i can not hear any baas or any beats just speaker and the volume is also very low and with so much unwanted noice,i think there is some problem with the wires but i want to ask is there any other problem or its just wires

  23. motherfather


    my toshiba satellite have such a wheel on the right side.
    all is well then. weee!

  24. I am also facing with this problem just now, i dont know how it happened it was sudden. I tried a lot. But still no change and its too low. How can solve this ?? please help me.